Preventing moving clones from intersecting with camera


I have a shot in which I have a very dense flow of blood cells in a vessel with dynamics. I want the camera to be moving along right there in the thick of it.

I have several effectors (still in R19) animating rotation and random offset as the cell clones move along a spline.

I have tried the target effector with repel switched on, and this sort of work but introduces some unwanted motion if I have it at the top of my effector list (before random and time effectors) and overrides the random rotation i need if I have it at the bottom effector list.

I have also tried the push apart effector with spherical falloff around my camera. This only pushes apart the clones, and doesnt prevent them with hitting my camera.

I have tried a hidden sphere that is centered on my camera a well with collision applied, but this creates a more abrupt bounce, when I only wish to have a smooth motion of the cells around the camera, not a coliision.

Any suggestions?


You could try using an attractor object with negative strength and spherical falloff.


I think you might have nailed it Havealot! Thanks.


Glad I could help :slight_smile: