Pretty basic question


how do i return only the first hWnd from this




Are you sure that the handle you need always goes first?
( UIAccessor.GetPopupDialogs() )[ 1 ]


i think it returns the results according to their z order if thats true
that would help me alot getting what i wanted before on my other question

but it doesn’t detect slate editor for some reason


slate has different parent

#(9572568P, 65552P, 1706288P, “#32770”, “MAXScript Listener”, 1706288P, 9572568P, 1706288P) – windows.getHWNDData 9572568P
1706288P – UIAccessor.GetParentWindow 9572568P

#(911477208P, 65552P, 0P, “NodeJoeMainWindow”, “Slate Material Editor”, 1706288P, 911477208P, 911477208P) – windows.getHWNDData slate_hwnd
0P – UIAccessor.GetParentWindow slate_hwnd

1706288P – max_hwnd