Pre-existing characters vs my own concepts


Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anybody had an answer to this question. I am a 3D character artist (I do sculpting, modeling, PBR texturing and posing), and sometimes I don’t know whether or not I should create my own character concepts or try to “showcase my skills” by creating a duplicate of a pre-existing character. Keep in mind I am creating these characters for my portfolio in hopes of finding work.




Design and Artwork is nearly always under copyright. You would need the permission of the original artist. But even with permission, it’s your portfolio, and not his. So i would use own concepts.


We talked about this with my colleagues when going through portfolios. Assuming you have no experience it’s nice to see both, don’t worry about the copyright. If you have worked previously stick to your previous projects and if you want add a FEW concepts concepts that aren’t your and you are really proud of.


Fan art for a Portfolio piece is fine.


Making a 3d model from a 2d concept is typical of studio production. So it is a good idea to try and mimic it (with due credit to the artist).

So find some 2d concept artists you admire and ask them if you can do a 3d version of their work…