Posting Scripts


Howdy folks!

As a courtesy to everyone reading the forms, if you’re posting a long screenplay or script please attach it as a .txt or .rtf file, or point to it as a link. Long scripts posted in the forum are difficult to read and can cause serious agony of the scroll wheel.





How about PDFs? Or do people around here hate them with a passion?


I like turning my scripts into .pdf format.


mm I like PDFs.


If I have to read anything on the computer that’s longer then a few pages, pdf is the only format that makes it bearable.


About Flash?


this is the script for my short animation,i’m not a storytelling professinal but this is what i can get from my imagination,i hope i can have some help to refine the story and make it exciting.

A very litte cute girl is following a black cat( wlaking like a humanbeing) in a field of grass,she is following him to know here is he going,after that they will arrive to his house(some old and creepy tiny house)she hesitates to enter,finally she is inside,she disover a strange house,
the cat invites her to have a cup of coffé,while drinking it,he will disapear in the balcony,
she follows him,she finds her self climbing a ladder,while climbing she founds her self that she is obove clouds,she continues till she finds a little place at the top of that ladder,suddenly the cat apears and scares her ,she is falling down,he is laughing then he flies to take her hand,they will keep flying down,then she will open her eyes,she was sleeping in her bad,that was a dream she realises,but she notices a cat foot steps marks on her window,the end.

i hope this can help,i’m sorry it’s a very rough script .
thank you


Where do you post the scripts? Is it password protected?



What happen to this thread? It seems to have FADED OUT.


Yep. Seems it has.

I vote for PDF’s as well… I posted in the ‘how do we jump start this thread’, with some ideas on how to do just that.

I’d like to see this thread become a serious writer’s resource because the people on this board have incredible imaginations and we all speak 3D… something that most non-visual types can’t relate to.

We have the potential to create freely, and that has a sincere affect on our writing (hopefully in the positive). It could become a breeding ground for some fantastic shorts, or even features.


sorry I’m not sure how to do PDF file so i just eraced it please message me for the script.


Yes Hi I’m Kevin Moore and I have a script that is liked by most of my friends, family, and collegues. I’d really like to find some 3D modelers, and people who can reder really well. I can give you any information you need on my scripts, so please ask if you want more information. Thank you is my email.



This is what you want.

@ jschleifer - Jason, is it possible to boost the filesize limit for attachments? The PDF’s are running about 300-500kb for 10-15 pages.



This is a story I made for our Animation Writing class at my school, which is supposedly going to be used for my thesis after a year so I’d like to get some C&C from you guys about my story, and how I can improve it further. Thanks! :smiley:


Geez guys! I don’t want to be party-pooper and bust anybody’s bubble, but I just stumbled over this thread and have to add a grain of salt to the enthusiasm here.

I know when you write a script, you want people’s opinions etc, but is it really such a good idea to post ie your last 3 months hard creative work openly, when there are actually people being paid by the industry to “covertly” scout for new material which they never intend to pay for? Back when I started out in the film biz, I was just as openly and naively discussing my ideas more or less in public until I received a pretty sharp “behavior correction advice” from a man who has been in the entertainment industry for a very long time and at a rather respectable celebrity level at that. Building on what he told me, my own advice to all people here is:

Be very thoughtful about what you are publishing like this! There are plenty of people out there who’ll gladly steal your ideas for their own purposes and you’ll never get credit or a single cent for them. These people capitalize on the fact that creative minds have tons of ideas and are naive enough to not mind one or two being stolen, since they have many more to replace them. Key is, you’ll never know what your break will be and when you’ll need that particular material to advance yourself. Show your best stuff only to people you trust! Just be careful, the internet is hardly the right place to improve your writing to begin with. Personally, I don’t think a thread like this is a very good idea at all and other ways to help people with their writing have to be found for online purposes.

Cheers and successful scriptwriting!:arteest:


It’s my first post so I wanna say to all of you: Hello :slight_smile: I’ve written a script for an animatiom movie and since a few months I’m looking for an animator. It is a story about love and a burning desire between two matches amongst a box/world of matches. The script has 4 pages and I want to get started on the storyboards and animation straight away. If there are any animators or moving image artists out there that would be interested in the project, please dont hesitate in contacting me at

Also, if someone needs and idea or script or help in creating the story, I’d like to offer my service :slight_smile: