post your storyboards!


okay, this board is almost dead…
-but i know there are people around doing storyboards. professionals or beginners -who cares.
come on, contribute to this thread and post your storyboard material.

so let’s start:

this was done for a flash-animated advertising comic, drawn in painter:

a personal one, pencil on paper (29,7x21cm):

and an older one (but still one of my favourites) done for red bull, drawn in photoshop6.0:

ane feedback appreciated!
now come and post your stuff!


I can’t seem to post any large images. Do you use “manage attachments”—if so, how do you get your images so big? It requires me to decrease the size of the files and when i do they are freakin tiny! Thanks in advance…



Hi Arne.

They look really, really good!
Is there a reason to draw the panels so pretty?
Is that because you’re trying to sell the idea or something?

The only storyboards I’ve drawn has been for personal stuff, and I usually draw them quick and ugly (yet clear and readable) :slight_smile:



hey doffer,

to tell the truth, all my storyboard work so far is for advertising. i didn’t ever draw a storyboard for a movie or a game. so my storyboards are not only to show the camery-angle but to sell the concept of the advertising-film.
i personaly prefer my rough work, but most clients want clean stuff with bright colors.

here is another one. every frame took me about 1 hour. done with painter:


Yeah, that’s what I thought :slight_smile:
Well, as your latest panel it looks awesome!

Here is one of mine.
It doesn’t make a lot of sense, as it is randomly picked through out the film, but it is a sample from a short film I’ve pre produced for quiet some time now.

Some of the stuff has changed, but I guess it shows the style I usually work with.
Noted that it’s basically for myself or friends to critic, so I don’t have to convince anybody that it’s a project worth buying :wink:



i like your storyboard! it’s simple and tells the story. all a good storyboard needs.


Thanks Arne!

Here is another (complete) board, from my steampunk entry. Again, VERY rough :wink:


Here are the storyboards first the first part of the short on which I am currently working.
I have opened a WIP thread and document the progress also on my blog.

This is my first attempt at storyboarding and doing a short, so if someone has some useful tips I am glad to hear them.


Here are some of mine. I have tried different types. Usually I draw out the frames then colour them in photoshop. But I also tried making a cg set and then doing renders for each frame. or combining drawings with cg(tedious either way). I think the drawing and painting method is best-although colouring them is really just to have a nicer image to show because the sketches arent so detailed, plus if you dont have the film made, you can at least say you have a really detailed blueprint. :slight_smile:


Check out my work at


a rough storyboard i did for scoda in february 2008. pencil on paper.
it was one of the first times i had to draw in an agency with the artdirector next to me, giving comments on every single line i draw. but it was fun to do.
here you can see the final film:


i have comped the story board and also added some rough sound.
the story board sketches are made very simple and rough.
you can watch the storyboard on our blog.


i like your storyboard!


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