Post your Shake tutorials here!


Hey guys,

Check out my site for a few tutorials on customizing, redering, ect. It also has some bits on NUKE gizmos and camera convershion from houdini. Let me know what you think.




Hey All,

Have just updated my site with a bunch of new tutorials for shake ad some new ones for other apps too !

Hope you find them useful



Aneks, thanks for the valuable tuts. Keep making cool updates :thumbsup:

P.S. If you write one day your techniques of generating different passes with Maya’s MR SA - that would be great :buttrock:


thanks for your kind words

what would you like to see ?

for example a tut on setting up a scene in maya to be comped in another app ! realistic itegration of fotage or more about using various mental ray features ie IBL, Ambiet occluision, raymarcher stuff ? I wrote quite a nice one on the lm_2dmv shader and matchig live footage that my ex eployer won’t let me show :frowning:

But I do have another which wrote for internal use that I want to publish, about the workflow I built for this graphics package, but I will have to check with the company to see if I’m allowed to :


Well, what concerns different features of MR - there’re tuts on the web and dvds. Though, using them properly for 3d integration into live footage - sounds great. I think that would be a pretty unique tut.

Yeah, in the last post I meant the tut on actual render setup in Maya, to get all those controllable passes you show in multiPass and ambOccl tuts.

I myself struggling with passes output with MR lately, but natively MR can’t do such variation of passes during one render. There’re some custom shaders discussed in Maya Rendering section here, but all of them have some disadvantages in one or another way. So I’m very interested in how do you solve rendering in passes - some tricks/techniques, custom shaders or just different scene setups for speciefic pass rendering?


I’d like to see tutorials on color correction and cg integration methods.

I’m fairly new to this and I could write a tutorial on how I usually use the mult node with values from a blurred bg plate and then the compress node to fix shadows when doing color correction and integrating cg into live footage. But! It would be much cooler if we teamed up and wrote a tutorial where everyone use different approaches to solve the same problem.

Whaddaya think?


Sure. Put something together and I will happily contribute my crappy techniques. I use a similar technique to what you are describing except I use an expand as my main colour correction node, because it can do everything a mult, compress, brightness or contrast can do. Plus it lets you work on alpha channels seperately.



Sounds good! :slight_smile: We need some kind of material to comp though. Unfortunately, I can’t use any of the stuff from work for obvious reasons. Any ideas?


Hello~ Tahl
i am kind of new here so would be a lil lost , i have a question,i am using a ‘Tinder’ 1.07version for SHAKE 2.46 nt and has around 45 tinder filters and in SHAKE 2.5.1 nt has only 6 why is that? there are some
really kool ones in 2.46 like ‘heathaze’ which is not there for 2.5.1 how could go about using that … would appreciate any help…


I think you need to tread lightly around this issue as apple now owns shake and ver 2.46 is many years old, I am not questing the legitamacy of licences etc. A few years ago I was using shake 2.51 on PC with tinder v1.0.8-2.50. This is the correct version for that release. I am not using tider at the moment on shake 3.5 but I beleive there are still many of the filters there like heat haze which are acessable as settings in the Distorto filter. Have a look at Hugh’s post here :

Or you could contact the Foundry directly for some more info !


Don’t know if I saying any crap here, but I saw that DonAVP said that some links wasn’t working from CMI. The working links for tutorials, including Shake, will be:

If not working again, let me know. :slight_smile:


With a little tinkering and the right movie as input, you can make a displacement node perform UV mapping within Shake, putting an ordinary still image into motion, or creating animated 3D smear warps.

UV Map Now or UV Map Later



i have just finished a tut on “Automatic Cleanplate Generation” for bluescreen/greenscreen-shots.

check out:

the downloadable zip contains a pdf and a shake-script.

tell me if this is useful for you.



Finally, here it is, the first, the one and only awesome SPANISH Shake VideoCast. :buttrock:
This is the first one of a series of VideoCast I’m doing about some little cool ways of using Shake.
This #1 shows how to use the interface in a more personal way, showing also the capabilities of customization of GUI Shake has.
Hope you like it and find useful.

You’ll need iTunes for preview.



I’m almost decided to buy Shake and I’m checking all the tutorials that I can. Yours is the best until now for someone who doesn’t know the application. Hope to see some more tutorials.

I’m loving Shake, just waiting what announcements are made at WWDC.

Muchas Gracias,

Jorge Arango


any tutorials on how to use 3d rendered z_depth using color channel in shake ?like making the red channel blur and so on?


nice tutorials here.


all my bro, please help me… i want to know how to used zdeph function from maya file/output in shake…

already try in AE and Combuction all done, but got problem in shake software… try apply same technic and tool but still not done… waaaaaaaa



If you look back in this thread you can see that Fredrik has alreadyposted a good tutorial on this:

also it is covered in the mannual !