Post your Shake tutorials here!


Yeah, no harm in taking a peek.:stuck_out_tongue:


i have an eternal thirst to learn :wink: …at any cost


hi guys,

finally the weekend. I have one of the multipass tuts and one of the keing ones ready to disseminate. Multipass is 1.5mb zipped and keying one is more like 10mb (because I dont want to compress the source files too much !), just having the rest of them proof read for me. only problem is I don’t have space to post them and until I start new job I am living on hotmail. Does anyone want to volunteer a way for me to put them in the public domain. Pardon my ignorance on all things web !!!



Hey Aneks,

Could I also put my hand up for Shake tutorials. Especially the Keying one…

Always keen to learn something new.


Hey Aneks!
Talk to Paul Moran about hosting those files.
He’s the brain behind and I’m sure he’d be more than happy to help you out with the hosting…


more than happy to :thumbsup: …I emailed you Aneks


hey Paul, can you give me a link to the thread with Aneks tutorials on your site so I can make it a sticky in this forum?


no worries :slight_smile:

I have them listed in our shake tute section temporarily until we ‘greenlight’ our new tutorial code that goes live in around a fortnight.

They are here for now:

Multipass Keying - Authored by Tahl Niran (6 Mg zip file)
Multipass Comping with Shake - Authored by Tahl Niran (1 Mg zip file)

Ill update you when the new section goes into action


PS: Big Thanks to Tahl for all his efforts!!!


Ahh I see it now. The date on your post on VFXTalk don’t change when you update a post and the thread said it was last updated Dec 2003 so I scanned right over it.


Hi again. Have started writting the motion blur in 2d tut should be don soon. Starting new job in a week and trying to get things sorted. While I’m on the topic is there any tuts that people particularily want to see done? (except for one about 3d cameras in shake, if I get that sorted i’m keeping it to myself :stuck_out_tongue: )

I may have a few days in the next week !

Speak now or whatever !

>PS: Big Thanks to Tahl for all his efforts!!!

awwww shucks !


yeah…its a bit of a make-shift way to do things until we get our tutorials code up and running :wink:


you cant go wrong covering the fundamental areas:

tracking / CC / etc etc

from there …all the users of the tutorials would surely dream up a huge hit list of ‘wishful’ tutes :slight_smile:


hey tahl,

i finally had a chance to hack at a blue screen using your technique. you can condense your spill supression into one colour-ex node as such:

red______ r>g?r:g
green____ g
blue_____ b<g?b:g

i hope that made sense. you can also get a reasonable key buy subtracting the supressed plate from the original, leaving you with only blue. reorder this into the alpha channel & then you can get to work on it…

hows animal treating you?


Beaker, I saw someone already asked for this, but, can you make this thread sticky? Probably will help a lot of people! :slight_smile:

Sorry if asking for a second time! :slight_smile:

Thanks!! :thumbsup:


Hi everyone.
Has anybody got a tutorial for creating a rain collision?

I have a green screen shot where I am creating a window with a matte/photo of London city outside. It needs to be raining and I want the window to have rain drops rolling down.

Cheers. Darrell :thumbsup:


It feels like I am double posting my tutorials everywhere, hehe. Anyway here it is:

Z composite with IFF in Shake


As I’ve said before, great tutorials. They were very well executed on a subject I’m not too familiar with! :slight_smile:


Fredrik Averpil, big thanks!


Uh shake does not do that it does work the other way around. PFtrack and Boujou are the apps you really need to do what you are thinking. PFtrack exports a corner pin node that you past into shake. I have only used pftrack. I understand the new boujou exports a shake node now as well.


All of these links are dead :bounce: