Post your Shake tutorials here!


shake tutorials new forum, new thread. theres not many web resources out there, but then again, XSI didnt have many at first either :slight_smile:

item #15, faking blurry reflectings,
item #6 the ‘catch me if you can’ look,
item #5 random highlighting
item #4 alternative GUI
item #3 expression linking
item #2 simulating 3d in shake
item #1 smoking text

sapphire sparks edge ray effect

scanline effect

installing shake macros *.h files

i guess that’s a start.


If anyone’s got any technical tutorials they’d like to see, then I’d be happy to write some…

I might do one at some stage on feedback in Shake…


hugh that would be fantastic!!!


i agree! i am in the market for most anything…

one of my instructors at school let me use the schools old edu copy at home, indefinately (my school doesnt teach shake, and no one knows how to use it).

basically, i just ran in to a free copy of shake 2.5 for Win (yay!) but i am trying to learn it by point and click… as he didnt know where the manuals were (boo!).


id definitely check that out. what sort of things were you thinking of?


hey hugh, ill start off big for ya :wink:

how about a tutorial of getting camera information out of shake, and in to a 3d application? (either 3d application specific, or not)



do you mean the other way around?


other way?

i was thinking: get a motion approximation from 2d video, and export that data as a script sefining camera motion in a scene.

since shake is 2.5d (no real z axis) i wouldnt think that it would work the other way around. what could it do with virtual camera data? it cant move around in 3d space.


Here’s a quicktime that I put together when I was thinking about it:

It would be a tutorial on how to create this with no animation at all - the only input nodes would be three (static) RotoShapes

For that, you’d be looking at a program like Boujou… There are loads of great tools around for this kind of thing, and Shake’s not designed for it…

The other way around, on the other hand, is an interesting idea… The Move3D node in Shake has a reasonable Z axis (the node has parameters like FOV, etc)

It would certainly be possible to take a plane in Maya and export the camera data to a Move3D node in Shake, so the input to the Move3D node would track to the CG… This would be potentially usable for something like a groundplane…

At work, we have some much more extensive tools for doing this kind of thing, but they are all done as plugins and do a lot more than could be done here…


how about a small guide to cleaning up minidv footage with shakes color tools?

ive been battling this myself and cant really seem to get all of the ‘yellow blockiness’ gone, while maintaining a semblance of detail.


that i would definately like to see!


Hi all,

I have written a couple of tutorials for shake for our internal training use but I would be happy to post them somewhere out there if folks are interested. I think the general quality of shake tuts out on the web is very limited. Basically below that is available in the manuals.

some of topics I covered on internal tuts :

motion blur on for 3d objects in shake ( more of a maya/shake tutorial)
keying when keying wont work ! ( a bit of general purpose tutorial)
renderpass math ( also a bit of maya/shake thing)


…except that shake is a lot older than xsi :wink:


Hi Aneks, i wouldnt mind reading your tutorials.

Hugh, has your quicktime been moved? i cant seem to find it there…


sure i guess its ok to put them out there. you’re at RSP right !?!

wanna PM me with your email and i’ll send them to you when i remember to bring my laptop to work !


Hi Aneks.

If you’re in a giving mood, I would also GREATLY APPRECIATE having a look at the Shake tuts you have written.

Any chance you could shoot them my way?

Thanks ever so much!



hey aneks,

i used to work at rsp (great company), now im actually in toronto working at a studio called mr x. how about yourself?



yes please the keying tutorial :slight_smile:




hi guys …

thanks for enthusiatic response been slack but I am compiling all the stuff of the server as I am in the process of changing jobs. I gotta say these are pretty basic concept tuts designed for 3d guys to get an intro to shake but cool. have just a little more patience.

thanks ,



me too :wink: …ill be patient …

cheers mate!!