Post your Mudbox WIPs here.


thank you ,
yes he’s the distant cousin from capt america :slight_smile:

if you want to see teh full charachter …you can go to the main thread

teh holster was build as a low poly object … nothing crazy ,. just point snap to the medium res body
hope it make sense … :slight_smile:


These are some screengrabs from Mud.Sculpting’s pretty much done.Texturing is ongoing, more a test to see how Mudpainting performed.

This is Mr. Lobo,a guy manically depressed,who works in a soul destroying office job who decided to get a lobotomy so he could continue his mind numbing work but not have to think about it.


hehe cool and funny little dude :slight_smile:

as always …
no rendering .
mudbox real time screen shot … and post process in photoshop


I love this character.What a great style.I spent ages on your site and i have to thank you for producing such wonderful works of art and inspiring guys like me:beer:

I noticed on Mudboxhub you said you were having your doubts and frustrations about Mud.
It would be sad to lose such a talented artist from the seemingly small pool of guys using the app.I can only predict a great future for the software.Don’t return to the ZBdarkside:cry:


Here’s an update on Mr. Lobo.Testing out SSS shader and eyeshaders in Max and MR.


My first mudbox speed sculpt… :slight_smile:


Video: 215 days 300 Mudbox models

I did one of these ‘215’ days vids back in jan 2008… so I thought it’d be cool to do another…although last time I nearly got lynched lol.



nielot, thats really nice for a speed sculpt


still working on it ,…
first a mudbox screen capture …
then a maya mental ray rendering


xtrm3d, awesome work love the expressions. this guys has lot of character :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi …

This is My first work on mud box … hope you like it ; )


One of the models done at y Masterclass in Holland at the End User Event last week. The bottom shots are the start of the diffuse texture (no spec yet) that I’ve done since I got back.



yo yo yo
here goes my first mudboxery


Hi, I’m pretty new here, I hope that you like my works.

Speed sculpt (6h) based on Diablos Unburried concept, done in Mbx 2010:


This concept for this character was coloured by a comic inker friend.I liked it so much that i wantedto create him in 3D.He’s still a WIP.This image is a printscreen from Mudbox with a bit of PS messing about. Eventually i’ll finish sculpting and create some maps/shaders for a proper MR render.

EDIT: final MR rendered(PS comped) image below


An old mesh i polymodeled and used to test texturing between Mud/PS.


@Darth Wayne: Love the monster, great character.

New stuff by me, gone a bit crazy on the details.


First play at mudbox learning the tools, about 6 hours from the base head mesh.


Awesome character… great job… please show us more of your work



Hi, I got mudbox 2010 yesterday, and this is what i came up with after about 2 hours. This is the first time i’ve ever seen/used it. btw, great work by everyone else!!!