Post your Mudbox WIPs here.


my wip clint using mudbox 2009



good job! looks perfect


This is my first try in mudbox(and any 3d application ever) so i am noob.
Hope you like it


Luck was on my side for this render, mainly as a mate of mine was off abroad for work and I asked if he could leave his laptop behind with V-ray on it (So I’ve got access to it for a couple of weeks). Now I’ve not used V-ray in donkeys years, but thankfully it’s dead easy to set up, in fact I’ll be quite sorry to lose it again in a couple of weeks.

The render in V-ray and uses a 32 bit displacement map and 3 vray lights for a basic studio lighting setup along with final gather. It was a bit of a nightmare render time wise due to the very fine detail in the displacement maps and the subsurface shader effect I used. (Plus all that high spec never helps render times, and the ss killed a lot of the fine detail anyway lol.)

I’m pretty pleased with it so far, but there are still a few tweaks I want to do yet if I have time.



Quick head modeling, using the mudbox basic head.

1 hour.


Vimeo Turntable link

My latest relaxation wip. Still lots to do.




Is your video able to download?? Wish to download the video & take my time too watch. :slight_smile:



The above link should help (it allows you to download from youtube.)



Thanks!! :smiley:


Sculpted from a cube in Mudbox for fun. Its heavily inspired by Gigers alien of course, but hopefully wiht a wayne twist.



a 20 min hand sculpted wall tile doodle done after a very very bad day.



I spent hours two months ago doing something much worse. Now I’m going to go sit in the corner and stew. ;-).


Some tweaking of the default “human body” mesh.


I worked on it some more, starts to look quite good.


Blue Creature Head Concept Animation

Final Animation Link

The 1 hour ‘speed pipeline’ version [/b]

A few days back I set myself a little test. I’ve done lots of ‘fast’ things over the years, from speed sculpting, to speed texturing, taking model from nothing to a final render in a certain time limit etc to push myself to be accurate and fast at the same time. Its a balance that doesn’t always work (which is half the fun to me), but one thats helped me develop as an artist in a much more rounded way I’d like to think.

So I thought I’d try what I’ve called a ‘Speed Pipeline’ that involves coming from a blank viewport to animation ready to render out in a single hour. (Thats including sculpting, texturing, setting up the lights and shaders in max, through to rigging, skinning, and animating all inside that 60 min period.) It certainly wont win any animation awards, but yet again I dont consider myself an animator in any way shape or form…thats a ‘calling’ not a skill as far as I’m concerened. But it was fun thats for certain…I stuck some very loud 80’s metal and went for it. The second video link is the result of that 1 hour period. While the 1st one is with proper textures and a bit of post work that I consider ‘final’ as its time to move onto another model or 6.

He uses a 2k texture set of diffuse and normal map…no spec as although I painted one it simply didn’t help the look of the model at all. All anaimting was done in max using a simple bone rig and a couple of morph targets. It was tough as hell to get done in 1 hour but I’m glad I did it.



Hi guys, Im coming back to 3D since a very long vacation ha ha ha… and I discovered MudBox and trying to learn now. I took a look at this forum and your pieces are excellente. Pretty cool stuff of all of you guys. Well, from now on, Im going to make some posts to share my wips with the community! thanks for this great place to share!


A little compilation of WIP states. I made a very low-quality basemesh in
3DSMax and ported it to Mudbox 1.0. The guy is intentionally disproportioned,
e.g. massive torso, stubby legs and so on. I also did a little paintover, but I never
picked the model up again after that. The pic on the lower right is the last state
so far.

Terrible Basemesh: 3DS Max 9
Refining: Mudbox 1.0


An old Mudbox Head, refurbished a bit and then touched up with Photoshop and
overlayering Textures.


mudbox screen shot + some photoshoping


Wow, that looks wicked. Is that some sort of soviet superhero/supersoldier ?
I’d like to see a workflow on that one, especially how you did the holster.