Post your Mudbox WIPs here.


Hey guys. Here’s a new one. :smiley:


Hi, another “forever WIP” Image from me.
Its a Mudbox Bust, and some Photoshop “post-Production”.
Its called “Demon Melancholy”.


[QUOTE=eldee]Here’s my WIP, put about 10-12 hours into it so far.

nice and simple sculpting i like it man,but hand part looking like out of anotamy make it properly :thumbsup:


hi, this is my first scupt, 3 hours , and have no tooth


Hello, i install Mudbox today, and after some hours of cooking ;D


Here’s my current mudbox wip.


eldee… nice work!:thumbsup: i thank u did’t done proper rigg, don’t give a too much detail on your model
2)check out the neck area muscle,don’t worry about hand area go through to anatomy better, as soon as possible i will give u mb file …:slight_smile:


nice stuff, guys…I really get some good inspirations from this.

some head doodling:


Here’s one of my works in progress. I’ve done a lot of texture work to it in max.

It was based on the basic head model in mudbox and I didn’t really mess about with the UV’s which was my biggest mistake because I lost texture detail around the nose when I came to texture it.

For the most part I did it to get used to the package, it is my second head in mudbox. I’m currently using the demo on a tablet PC, and I think it is by far the best tool to model.


Hi there,
few models
MUDBox + Photoshop



gout - thats looks real buddy


my try for the mud box for the 3d total challange archangle. This is my first sculpture in mud box.


I guess I should hop along… :slight_smile:



 I want to join too.Here's my WIP on Skully.I hope i can work on the texture soon.


Not a WIP. I’m brand new to Mudbox and haven’t even used it yet. Still trying to figure out how to get rid of the danged black bar at the bottom of the working screen. But I’ve been looking at all these WIPs, and wondering one thing. How the heck are you guys getting the fine pores into the skin? Stencil or stamp or what? That’s something I’d really like to know.

Does everyone do characters? I’ll do a few, but my first use of mudbox will be to detail out a rotten wall I need for a project. And I hope to be able to make some good trees, which I have very little luck with in Max. I’m not a good organic modeler, and mudbox seems like just the tool I’ve been waiting for. I’ve never been able to grasp the concept of the UI in Zbrush.


WIP - first attempt at working in Mudbox
Working from the primitive head.


A mud2k9 realtime render plus combustion. Still very much a work in progress.



With the amazing mudbox and photoshop. This my first model and critics are always welcome. thanks for watching


Something I did as a doodle last night and this morning.



Yup, a “boring” head sculpt. Maybe I’m going to submit this to a Rapid Prototyping Company. Would be cool to have this standing on my desk.