Post your Mudbox WIPs here.


Thanks Dude,
it’s the angle of the camera.
Why haven’t you been posting on MudForum???
Saw 300 last night on Imax. Were those your ancestors? lol.


Haha, not exactly ancestors of mine, these are Mr. Miller’s interpretation :slight_smile:
actually my ancestors had better armours!
I’ll join Muddy place later :wink:


Whoa! cool muscle odhinn444, you use ur own arm for ref?:thumbsup:

AUMAKUA, it must feel awesome to have ancestor like Leonidas, the inventor of “come and get them”:love:


I would say that it is a great commitment.


hello, just getting in to mudbox, I’m loving it so far…



a character for a current project… overweight male, middle aged. not the best but had a crack at it! this is for baking a normal map for my 5000 poly character in 3ds max, will post the fully textured final result soooon!

feedback would be awesome. i see sum amazing work up here :smiley:


sorry i double posted :S and cant figure out how to delete this post so i’l jus edit it :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m relatively new to mudbox so i have a lot to learn… i can use the tools but just the way to use them best… i have other work in mudbox so will post that up later too.


Just started with mudbox, really like it, nice tools and a good workflow.

Made a base mesh , and did 2 fast practice heads , still have to figure out the brushes do , how to get good folds done.


Something I have been working on…


Skull sculpting gone mad. One hour sketch.


Practice work…focus on anatomy:buttrock:


Just got Mudbox today and started sculpting directly, holy cow this is a powerful package…gonna continue this tomorrow, gotta work now


mudbox study
mudbox modeling
zbrush render


still wip, working on the forehead at the moment


Nice work you got there Andreja, your putting us all to shame… Hehe

If I find the time, Ill try to do some more work on this.

Still pretty wip atm.


Hi guys just started playing with Mudbox demo, and I’m posting this Sphynx cat WIP!



some nice work here

i too have just started to play with mudbox heres what i hanaged so far(im a complete novice to mud / sculpting)


How come everybody is so good in mudbox when they mess around with it for the first time?

This is what I came with after 2 hours of trying :sad:


Whee nice works guys!


Hi I posted this my WIP in the WIP section…but as long as I’m working with Mudbox I’ll post here also…