Post your Mudbox WIPs here.


Very nice! those metal wings are awesome. Where are the rest of the guys?


LOL :smiley: maybe one day I’ll collect that. … I did the same thing on a 3 hour render a couple of weeks ago by accident, it has a habit of burning it into you mind lol. Looking forward to the next update mate.



Thanks buddy…here are some more figures and different views
Stupid mistakes I know. Never said I was the brightest guy…lol

Here are the last two w.i.p.s. I will post on this piece.
I am working on the final layout which I will submit as a piece to CG society.
Thanks for the nice comments and words of support.


Last one…


my first sculpting in mudbox


My tuesday night doodle…


Ah, Heads seem to be the craze right now. :bounce:
Thus, I will add my swollen Mud-Head to the collection.

OMG, it has no ears…! So very much WIP.:smiley:


Nice work marcnail, he is really ugly :scream:


Here’s something i’ve been working on. It’s a redesign of another character (Same head as a quadruped, thats what it was.)


Great job Odhinn444!:thumbsup:


this is mine,not too detailed tho, my laptop cant handle more subdiv:sad:


okay…for a little while now I’ve been wary of these sculpting progs like Mudbox and ZBrush…but now…I’m a convert…lol…

I started using it for my second entry into the hardcore modelling challenge, Harrison Ford as Han Solo.

this was my base mesh

and after about 3 hours of playing around (including time getting used to MB)

still needs ears…lol…and alot of little details…but I must say I’m fairly impressed…especially with the ease of adding expression…that surprised me…


welCome to the darkSide brother…



WIP: finishing the major detail.


heres my other one I was working on, its Bruce Willis as John McClane

went from this:

to this in one afternoon:


Looks good, you’ve really captured his look.


Well I finally get to post something. This is my first official model. I made the mistake of sculpting it in a squatted pose, when I had intended to animate it. I guess I’ll have to do another one with the legs stretched out, but I’m happy with it and I learned an awful lot. 4 or 5 textures (mostly orange skin, elephant skin, and treebark with a bit of banana…lol). 345K facecount. Anyway, Crits welcome…


next one, a centaur,i know the torso a bit too long tho


A study from last night.


That’s a nice punch! hehe
i think the wrist is a bit too thin, but i suspect it’s because of the camera lense…
cool muscles as always :wink: