Post your Mudbox WIPs here.


Wow, some seriously detailed work.:thumbsup:
Did you work from reference ? Could you post in some short steps your workflow ?



Superb work Andreja!

Some random doodling trying to come up with a fishy alien:


Eh… I finished mine, so I guess I’m out of this thread!

WIP is way back on page 1!


Just playing with Mudbox for the first time this weekend.

Modeled in Maya to about 8400 triangles, detailed in Mudbox to 540,000 triangles.


Thats a pretty good rendition of al pachino there jaques…

What Imdoing for the dominance war2

Once Im done, Ill probably make a full alien figure with her.


Well good people of 3D land, it would appear that mudbox is becoming a great piece of software. ANd it also appears that alot of you are creating fantastic models. So I thought I would just post something im sculpting at the moment. Still along way to go but still here goes. Im sorry if any of you have already seen it over in the 3d still section…


marcnail: No, I didn’t use any reference. It’s onle my knowledge of human anatomy.
I used simple model from another guy (arshlevon). He posted model on thay have fantastic communiti and you can find everthing what you need for mudbox and cg sculpting.

Here is another wip:


1 hour 4 lvls shes still got a ways to go


Hi guys!
I’ve finished the slasher, here it is

And i stard working on a new one… this was the first day


Good stuff going on here. Here’s a practice run of head model that I plan modeling the entire character.


Hi everybody,

Great forum and awesome quality of artwork, been working on a character in my precious spare time, it’s supposed to be Jason Statham, from the movies by director Guy Ritchie, Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, as well as The Transporter, as you can see it’s still a w.i.p, planning on doing the whole body with a suit and tie, as well as some desert eagle guns, other then that, please feel free to comment & critique, Take care…! :thumbsup:


Setting this up for a render soon.
Done in Maya and MudBox. Great pieces posted here.
Thanks for looking.


Odhinn: that’s looking amazing! There’s been a huge improvement since the beginning and its looking great. I love the wings.


Thank you bro, I really appreciate you saying that about the wings. These are just low polys of the figures so the final render will have more detail.
I should have a render done by tom. Thanks again


Great update Odhinn! I really like the wings too, will you post some other angles too? amazing work with just a mouse :thumbsup:



I guess, its time to join the forum then. Seems to me more than useful
for really learning the art of “muddling”.


Thanks for those kind words my friend.
Here are the figures at a higher rez. Working on the render as I post this.
Going to try it in stone first with steel wings.
I will post different render views when done. Thanks bro


Here is a test render as promised.
Still working on some things, don’t be too hard on me.


Odhinn Nice sense of movement on that scene. Is the aspect ratio off in the render on that last one?



Yah…thanks Wayne.
Lots of problems still I’m afraid. Working on it.

Thanks very much for that Wayne…
Had ratio locked on “Pixel” instead of Device Aspect Ratio.
Elongated the image. Owe you a pint for that one.