Post your Mudbox WIPs here.


so much good work here!!!

ok, here is the hell demon finished (or abandoned :D)

and here is a new character

anyway i want to do as many characters as i can in mudbox so that i get more comfortable with this great software


moving on
(the typical bad guy from the slasher movies :slight_smile: )
still wip


this is my second model with Mudbox3D- the first was, of course, a sphere that i tried every tool in the program on in order to get the feel of how it works. the official critique i got from that first model was: “ehwww… that’s pretty gross!”

here’s what i did one day on my lunch break. once again, just learning the tool, using a convenient model- namely my left hand…

I’m completely in love with this tool. took a box from 3DS and inside of an hour had something pretty decent.

Excellent work from the rest of you guys! very inspiring.


Hi guys, there is some amazing work in this thread!

I’m new to sculpting and this is my first try on mudbox - i love it!


pd, that’s so cool


Thanks Adrian! You’ve done an amazing job on those heads! Really creepy.



I`m impressed. Especially the Knight/Warrior Guy with
the weird pattern armor. You used the “pinch” tool for that ?

Heres my Doodle. 2,5 hours in mudbox, no basemesh.


wow pd, thats a really nice concept you got going on there. Keep at it.


here is a model im working on (actually im just trying to learn mudbox) i think the software is awsome but im so bad with it :/.


A little update:



really nice :smiley: hey im wondering if u guys are useing a wacom or something or are u sculpting with a mouse ?


Wacom all the way. I’m even doing the modelling in Modo/Max with my intous nowadays.


im thinking of buying a intous3 a5 do u thing that a5 is large enough?


A5 is plenty big enough for most people (even too big for some). I prefer using a mouse for regular modelling and tablet for Mudbox. A regular mouse works surprisingly well for Mudbox too due to the nice Brush size/intensity controls. It’s all about what you’re used to really…
Word of warning about Intuos though: make sure you have enough space for the tablet, even the A5 version is bigger than an A4 paper sheet.


I think the anatomy of the rhino is a bit odd. The legs and the body itself do
not quite look natural enough.

heres a good reference pic:


An update on the creature head I´m doing at the moment:
I concentrated on the “nose area” quite a bit, to make the nasal
cavity more organic. I´m not satisfied with the lips though, I made
the sharp edges with the pinch-tool, but this approach leads to
errors, such as overlapping. I´m not sure how to correct this.


yeah i know that the creature isnt good antomy :stuck_out_tongue:


:smiley: heh heh…


btw it isnt a rhino at all. i made a rhino before and then i made a body and i was kinda lazy so i took the head of the rhino and put it on the new body :P. here is the original rhino but i havent sculpted anything on yet.


Here is my exercise in mudbox: