Post your Mudbox WIPs here.


Here is my WIP. Unfortunately, my MB demo expires today, so I don’t know when/if I’ll get a chance to work on this much more…:sad:


Here is my WIP. Unfortunately, my MB demo expires today, so it might be a while before I can get back around to this…


and here is my WIP model, after 4 hours, starting from the default basic woman face in XSI. There are still a lot to do, details to add and to refine.


This is my first attempt in MBox
Rendered in Maya-Mray
C&C Welcome


Good stuff guys! Here’s my lastest WIP, based on the Russian/Slovakian (?) folklore character Baba Yaga.

Base mesh modelled in Silo to a reasonable poly count (~2700 quads) then exported to mudbox for playtime! :applause:



I couldn’t resist throwing it into XSI as well :smiley:



That is the freakiest looking head I think I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work.


Hello all. Here’s a few shots of a character that i’m sculpting to get me used to Mudbox’s toolset [ I have been a user of ZBrush for awhile and am trying to get up to speed in Skymatters excellent package].

I chose to sculpt an older person for this test to explore wrinkles and ageing of the skin techniques… Here’s the earlier Level 3 sub D work…

And then some initial fine details - I kind of rushed into this phase as I was so keen to work at such high levels! I feel the sculpt needs more ‘mid range’ work but I thought i’d let you peeps give me your opinions.

Thanks for looking!



@acidream: thanks mate, gald you like it :slight_smile:

and here is an update:


Just a quick shark for fun


haha, love the shark Goon , maybe more details?


Ha ha awesome shark.
might post a boring wip of my first test sculp (wood ish polearm, should look abit like a creature).

Edit: here it is :confused:


first official mudbox wip. this is a propotype character for the dominance war II comp.


I like the style of this character.

Can I see a close up of his face.


good day muddlers.i m liking mudbox a lot. i found a sculpture of a ratman and tried to recreate in mudbox.


Here’s one of my WIP head… still lots of tweaking and details to come:

The material and lighting are temporary as I’ll try to make it look real with skin shading, hair, etc.



Ola people!
:buttrock:Many thumbs up for sharkman, JacquesD’s head and mashru’s warrior (veery cool design indeed!, that flat brush makes a great effect, doesn’t it?)
Well, here’s my face, attempting a realistic look, but now the polycount got huge and I can’t barely handle it!
Some displacement issues in the first pic, and about the second one…just how easy is to make facial exxpression in different layers and mix them :stuck_out_tongue:


that is one wicked model.very inspirational


Oh! fantastic works in progress guys! keep the good stuff coming :slight_smile:


Here’s a project I’ve been working on the past couple evenings. Still contantly tweaking it…


great work people.

and thanks Garrick, nice sculptures you got. i see your location says NYC. is your studio in NYC?

ps. i will post the head soon, i am retopogising some of the mesh now.

btw, Jacques, your renders always amaze me. great work on modeling as usual.