Post your Mudbox WIPs here.


texturing teh beast in mudbox


I will join this great thread with my first ever mudbox model :smiley:


Still WIP, In this animation, the character’s head is sculpted in Mudbox while learning/testing Softimage-Face Robot.
It was my first sculpt :slight_smile:


finalgathering, very nice! model is not very good for me, but animation is incredible :slight_smile:


Heyy friends need your coments and critics on the face sculpt i did in mudbox…
check it out…
hoe u guys like it…



this is a concept helmet that im threshing out in mudbox 2010.

I kind of ran into a brick wall as to how to texture it.

whether or not i need a star wars type color scheme or more alien predator perhaps?

any ideas welcome and acknowledged/


Hello friends
I’ve been trying go get my hand on female sculpting…
So here’s my sculpt…
Need your critics and comments…

Here’s the reference image i took (


yes i know …
this is sooooo wrong :slight_smile:


yes i know …
this is sooooo wrong :slight_smile:

LOL, this is too funny, LOL


more detailing on the head


got very inspired by the work from olivier thill lately

spend some time this sunday afternoon on that one …
let see how far i would take it

mudbox rendering + post
around 500K


here’s something i’ve been working on! :slight_smile:

you can see the wip from the start here


looking very cool Lemonade3D


tnx xtrm3d, i take it as a big compliment coming from you :)!
Here are some colors! head is just with the wip color map, no surfacing yet :slight_smile:


Worked on the head, and just started working on the facial hairs- testing the beard, still needs some tweaking. The hear, not sure how i’m gonna do it.I’m thinking- some poly’s with transparency placed over what i have so far. I might end up painting some of it in Photoshop…

He’s a good guy, but sometimes he will get into some hairy situations…


looking good so far …
rendering in ?

here a new quick one


Here’s my first mud box sculpture:

I’m pretty happy with it. It took me an hour and a half. I will probably work on it more.


great stuff xtrm3d! Lots of character in your characters as always!
I render in Lightwave3D


Fiddling about with my Wonder Woman that Ive been working on and off on for a while. The AO looks awful, I know