Post your Mudbox WIPs here.


Here is a place to show your fun, awesome or just cool creations in our Mudbox work in progress thread.

Also for those of you whom are interested in the free 30-day, fully-functional Mudbox trial, just download it here

Let the good times roll!


Here my my first wip of a sharkman.



Just the torso so far, i’ll post the rest of it later. Comments would be appreciated!!


Here’s a monster like character I’m working on…


Hello Muddlers!!!
hehe, at last we’ve got out own place :slight_smile:
here’s my cutie, rendered with some great materials from Mahlikus The Black (cheers man!)


Here’s a little something from the RPG Earthdawn I made in Mudbox a while ago. It’s “forever WIP” as it was more of an experiment than anything else. Looked interesting enough for me. Rendered in 3dsmax with Vray.

All the worms were sculpted one by one in Mudbox over a fairly simple skullish head. After that I just exported a displacement map and had some fun in max :slight_smile:


Hey guys,Looking great.

Keep the work coming, I want to see more! :slight_smile:


Killer brush work their Fausto, I can’t wait to see what you are going to cook up for the rest of him. :slight_smile:


While all the WIP-ing took place at SkyMatter’s forums, I’d at least like to share this link to my latest Mud sculpt ->


The sharkman is great Garrick ! A promise of a cool character !

Here is mine, done with the evaluation of Mudbox, my first test in this cool soft:


Should be a sticky :slight_smile:


Here’s my WIP, put about 10-12 hours into it so far.


Wherever there is a man in pain, jack bauer is around. I assume he’s offscreen?

Awesome work everyone!

Fausto, those abs are brilliant! Are you working from any ref or is that all just your beautiful imagination?


My attempt at a head thats not a generic bald guy.


Come to think of it, I’d like to put Jack Bauer in that chair for all of these seasons of repeated subject matter :smiley:


It’s me… not a real wip but… kinda.
I love mudbox material, i’ll love to see realtime shadow and sss maybe.

huahuahuaa… Scary isn’t it?


Neato! Kinda looks like one of those death masks they used to make (that aint’ morbid :slight_smile: )

Also, the inner corner of the eye is significantly higher than the outer, do you eyes angle that much?


Here is one of my first sculpts with the trial. I spent less than an hour. Please ignore the ear this is a WIP after all. I imported a low res head made in a another app instead of using a primitive to start with. I had fun modeling with just a cube too though. This is probably the easiest most intuitive 3D app ever. FUN!


thanks to all for your comments…and to answer your question ezra at first i had the idea of what i wanted the abs to look like and began to work on them. i later found something pretty similar done by kolby jukes and looked at that as reference. he truly has some amazing work…


nice work there majorbludd i like how its coming along