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Heres new rig set. A heart and arrow for valentine’s day:


Rig Set


Hi everyone;

Here is a place for sharing animations that made all over the world. Professional, amateur, funny, emotional…

I will try to share what ever i find in the internet. If you want to share your own or unseen animations. Please let me know or send them to me for share.


I try to find new animations everyday. I always add new ones. But if you have animations or you know where there are. Please send them or their links to me… If you help me, i would be very grateful…

Thank you all… :cool:


Hey Animators! I just wanted to let everyone know that there’s a rig on my site for free download. I will give a detailed description of the controls on the forum part of my site at some point, but for now look for shape nodes called “sharedAttrs” for many functions like bendy limbs, IKFK Switch and extra face controls. It is far from finished, and Ill be updating regularly, so input on the forum would be helpful. Also, don’t forget to reference the file, because tools, updates and renders wont work if you dont. If you have a cool cycle or animation, ill make a render of it and post it on the site.
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Hey, looks great on those screens! I hope it`s as good to animate:) Definitely will give it a try:)

BTW, <— not workin :wink:

edit: Okkaaaayyy… if that rigs gonna be just a half as awesome as this: its it`s going to be amazing:)


Wow Paxton, really impresive rig. The facial controls are great. Thanks for share!


Amazing stuff Paxton, really top notch rig, big thanks for releasing it into the wild. Just a note, the eye texture in the Maya file is not right, you need to manually specify the correct file: eyeColorSmall.jpg. You might save a couple of emails if you put it right, other than that awesome job!


P.S. I absolutely LOVE the facial rig! Thanks!! :smiley:


Wow! If your excellent reel is anything to go by,that rig looks like a beauty to animate with.It almost makes me want to switch to Maya just to play with it. :wink:


I made a lot of changes including a proxy rig, better finger controls, isolate shoulder and more. enjoy!




Introducing Blake, a flexible and expressive new character rig with a range of appearance options! For a brief overview of rig features, please take a look at this youTube video.


Rig features:

  • Multiple appearance options and clothing accessories
  • Stretchy IK back with advanced twist controls
  • Stretchy arms and legs with bendy elbows/knees
  • FK/IK switching with FK/IK Matching for arms and legs
  • Space Switching for arms and legs
  • Clavicle controls
  • Elbow and knee pole vector controls
  • Full Finger Controls
  • Multiple foot pivots
  • Breath control
  • Ear controls
  • Stretchable head and neck
  • Scalable from the Super Mover
  • Full Osipa style facial rig

Also, here’s a simple MEL script that automatically selects all of Blake’s body controllers for easy keyframing (right-click to save).

Much of this character was rigged with my free Rig-o-matic script, so if you would like to rig your own character, you know where to go.

And if you are looking for other character options, don’t forget to check out Bloke, Blik, and Blok.



hey i was wondering if any one knows how to set up maya so it can render out any animation in the real player or windows media. if you know email me at with details. also how to rig a character from head to toe


There aren’t enough free rigs. Every animator wishes for a more expressive rig, or a character with more appeal. I started a thread in the models forum so that the we can speak directly to the modelers. I’m sure there are plenty of models lying around on external hard-drives that should be animated.
In a show of good faith I posted my thesis characters from 2007 here.

Download them and ROckOut.

Please weigh-in on the modeling forum, but always be courteous to the modelers. It is a huge favor to ask for someones characters, and the animation community needs more free rigs…

If you do something your proud of shoot me a link via PM.
If you use them please give me credit.



well i just wanna know how to rig my charactors thats all


Try the rigging forum. :wip:


hey guys!

here’s my 10 cents :wink:

keep checking back because i mean to keep working on this rig. Right now i’m working on a 3d model to apply the rig, so i can work on it’s facial rig and other more detailed controllers.
However, if anyone has a model who’d like to see this rig applied to, don’t exitate in sending it to me. Don’t worry if the proportions don’t match, i can pretty much handle that (trust me hehehe)

rock on!


hi all, here are a few free rigs i have made for my first rigging showreel which can be seen at–2


here is a cheetah rigg i made for a run cycle its not very good but might be usefull for some one!!


Hi i took into account all feedback received on the first version of my dinoRig and here is the result… dinoRig v2.0

dinoRig v2.0 - Creative Crash Link


A ball with tail rig for XSI based on the Animation Mentor Tailor Character.

Enjoy. If you make an animation with this rig, please share your work with me. I’d like to know what was made with my rig, and show it off on my demo and website. Thank you!


I would give… well, to describe it on here might be slightly disturbing, but I would give a hell of a lot for 3dsmax versions/equivalents of the MooM, Azary, and/or Blake rigs.

I’m not a skilled rigger, I don’t know how I’d go about making such capable rigs myself; but, to the designers of each and any of those rigs, what are the chances of 3dsmax versions? :thumbsup: