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lowRobo Free Rig v2.0.1
For Autodesk 3ds max 2008 & Autodesk Maya 2008

Released 03/02/2008

Created By Ila Soleimani


I changed the name from the former polyRobo to lowRobo as a tribute to my favorite rig the ‘lowMan’ by Miguel Gonzalez Vine.

I tried to keep the rig as simple and minimal but flexible and versatile. If you encounter any problem or lack of something in the rig I will be more than happy to receive your feedbacks and comments.

The 3ds max rig & maya version are not quiet same and there are a few tiny differences in the controllers & setup.

Also in maya version, It is suggested that you add this mel command < select “*CTRL”; > to your custom shelf for selecting all the controllers at once, else you can use CTRLs Layer for selecting them or just simply use the provided character set (roboCharSET) to key them all at once.

There is no character set in the 3ds max version.

For the fingers there is no controller, thus you need to animate them in the old fashioned geometry-fk-fingers way, which I (as an animator) still prefer it!

New Features: (in both 3ds max and Maya versions)

  • Improved foot controllers
  • Fk/Ik Arm
  • Improved spine controller
  • Improved UV map with a new texture sheet
  • Improved geometry
  • Some fixed errors

New Features: (only in 3ds max version)

  • Switches for chest & head lights (on/off and colors) placed on the spine controller

lowRobo Free Rig v1.0.1 (Formerly polyRobo)
For Autodesk 3ds max 5 & Alias Maya 4.5

Released 04/2003

A super fast low poly robot rig


I made this character solely for using in an animation competition in forum (Hapless Hero/Villain), but since that competition was about ‘Sharing’, I decided to give my dirty, unfinished rig to the hungry young animators! It was a bit popular for a while but soon because of the flaws & lack of advanced controllers it was out of the interest. Recently I decided to update the rig a little bit, keep its simple & fast features & add a few important things like fk/ik switching for arms and give it a little bit better look so my students (and other people of course) could use it for practicing and study. Happy Animating!

Copyright 2003-2008 Ila Soleimani


Hi Ila:d thanks to you for those kind words, its really kind of you. hehe. thats good to hear actually. I`ll be looking forward for your comming new post. c ya around
cheers. :slight_smile:



number one! I will try it asap! :buttrock:


Many thanks ilasolomon,i love LowRobo2008!! I remember animating with the original from the Mad Prof and Robot days.
It’s an extremely fun rig to animate.And the new texture looks great.:thumbsup:

P.S:just wondering if it’s possible to put a custom procedural(or texture map) on the eye surface.Trying to drag a radial gradient from the material editor(3dsmax) onto the eye colour swatch in the spine control parameters.


hi i need four leg rig…


Cryptic Studio (City of Heroes, City of Villians) released their 3DS Max rig for free use by animators.

You can check it out at


Lots of good rigs on this thread,but the best are for Maya. Can someone post more MAX Rigs?

Thx in advance


chk here


I know this is a bit late since your release, but I wanted to thank you for making this rig. Unfortunately I got it a bit early before your release of the latest one and worked with “polyRobo” for a class assignment along with the mad scientist / doctor. My teacher fell in love with the rig and asked for a link to it which I gladly supplied. I have since graduated college, but I’m sure he’s happily using the newer version as well to teach students how to animate.


Haha that’s great, I’m really glad, I wish I had more time to supply more fun stuff for ppl specially students. well … I’m not young anymore, now It’s your turn! and I am sure you will do much much better than our generation.



[size=2]Hi everybody! Well, after a few tests… I think the character is ready for real animators!
Is my first free rig so be nice with the critics, . I’m also preparing a “mini-tuto” to show the functions.

Well, I hope you like it, and have fun animating!



Hello everybody.
Moom is my favorite character for animation exercise But it’s UI was some slow.
I create a GUI for solve this problem and share it with all of you .

You can download it from :



2 Ila.
Nice CS, i have 2 not critical comment:

  • you forgot lock scale attributes on foot controllers
  • Roll on left and right foot working not equally. It’s depends on anim curves of roboLocator_Heels driven keys. On roboLocator_leftHeel the curve isn’t linear.

I hope it will help.
Nice work again!



Thank you very much for the feedback, I’ll keep them in mind and will fix in the next version, if there will be any next version! :^)




Hey guys, anyone know the ‘latest’ version of the “lowmax” rig? I have Max_v03, the lowmax rigs from clicks3d, and a modified lowmax called LowMax2.5 (which seems to be the best of them all), but I have run into problems with all of them, so i was wondering if I was behind the times and there were updated versions floating around. I am doing a lot of animation practice lately and can’t find a rig i think has more character than this guy, so i was hoping I wouldnt have to find another, or use biped.


My Rigs Preview
Character 1


character 2



Here is a link to a free Maya Rig called Rockwell. I plan on doing a lot of updates to it, let me know what works and what doesn’t, and what things i should add and omit.



Hi there
Azary Rig is a regular character for animation exercise.I tried to add every thing needed for animators.


  • stretchy limbs
  • full facial
  • Elbow lock
  • Low Res and HighRes

How To setup GUI:

1- Copy “scripts” and “prefs” folders to your “My Documents/maya/8.5” directory
2-Open in your maya
3-You have a shelf that called “Azary”.
4-click on the icon .

If you have any idea , question Please share me.

for more help you can use this video: Direct Link

download Link:



Hey. It looks interesting, but I have a problem with launchin it.

I get this error: MoomGUI.mel line 97: Cannot create UI object: AFD1

Maybe it`s not compatibile with Maya 2009?


I second this… anyone?