Post your free rigs


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Here’s a really good free rig found on highend3d modeled and rigged by

Model by Rahul Mehta
Rig by Harshad Bari
It’s a good realistic rig with a very advanced setup. If you’d like to take a try it’s well worth it.

(I added the sss skin shader for effect, the model is default gray)


Does anyone know where I can get a full fish rig with facial controls?


Are there any Lightwave rigs floating around out there? It seems like everything that has been posted has been for Maya… I would get Maya if I could afford it…


plz help me , dunno how to start a thread ! am new here , been looking for a button to start my own thread , and i didnt find , i have lots of quetions , but want to post them in a new thread in the right place , thanx


The Teddy Rig for download

As stated before I’d make this rig public. :applause: So alittle bit about it, The Teddy Rig is a simple character setup done in Maya 7 for a group project at ILIA - Chicago. The file itself is saved in Maya ASCI, tested working in version 7+. Design/Model/Texture/Rig by me. :shrug: C & C’s appreciated.

Smooth IK/FK blending
Squash-n-Stretch limbs & spine
Bone-based facial setup
Low poly & resizable


another ball rig for xsi. this one with more controls and whoo hah’s
and a synoptic for easy selecting and keying.
optional leg and tails. ik fk legs, volume control etc…

View demo video here:

simple squash stretch added.

let me know problems


thank you guys.I work in 3ds max but your rigs was very good. :applause:


hi this is a rig for 3ds max 8 from my web site
i hope you enjoy it


Has anyone posted any female rigs? I’ve seen Kfiggins rig but I’m looking for a more cartoon style female.


If you mean for Maya - this one is great -
Can be turned male or female without all that extensive surgery


Awesome! Thanks, that’s just what I’m looking for.


Hey Guys,

Here are a few more free rigs. My friend Tim and I did them back when we were in school…




do any of you guys know of a rigged box that has opening flaps?

or a transformers style rig for maya?

looking for some non standard rigs to have fun with


Anyone have any C4D rigs?


Anyone know where i can find a Deer rig? i havent really found a decent one with facial controls?


Thought I’d post up my attempt at a rig:

I’ve been working on this during my lunch break over the last week as sort of a mini speed rigging challenge I set myself. I eventually finished up on it today and thought I may as well share it. Hope it all works ok.


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Hey guys! Meet Pixo Jr. 2! He’s a joint project by animators Amrit R. Derhgawen and Alex Crouch. Inspired by Pixar’s Luxo, Pixo will help animators practice animation principles, such as timing, weight, spacing, phrasing, and overlapping. Pixo’s simple, so you can do basic animations without being distracted by a whole lot of gadgets and gizmos that get in the way.[b]
Click here to download PixoJr 2

[/b][size=2][font=Verdana]I hope you like it! Enjoy!




Moom version 4 by Ramtin Ahmadi
[/b]Fully Rigged character for Autodesk Maya
hey every body.

Hi Every Body.
I’ve received e-mails regarding the positive and negative points of the rig, and the way it works
and looks. Most of the animators wanted the rig to be more complex and at the same time having simple
controls and navigation. With keeping this things in mind I’ve come up with Moom version 4.0. It’s the same
Moom as version 3 but looking a little bit different. I would rather to leave it to you to find out the details
about it and like before let me know what you think:

Limits :
I also need to mention about limits of using the rig. you’re more than welcome to use it for any purposes
but COMMERCIALS. That’s the only thing you should NOT do. use it in what ever animation you have, shorts,
showreels and etc… . It’s free and for all of you folks. Please just give credit in your presentations.

Please check out the Readme file to find out how the rig works in details.

Enjoy… .

Ramtin Ahmadi



That’s a really awesome upgrade to Moom! ( Did I tell you that Moom is one of the favorite free rigs among my students?!) Thank you, you are a very inspiring guy, so I did upgrade mine too! here we go: (the next post)