Post your free rigs


Here’s a pretty nice Wolf rig :

No mouth/face stuff but still a nice example of the tsm2 plug-in… which, btw, kicks a considerable amount of arse.


i used to use a human skelton rig from, but i can’t seem to locate it anymore.

if anyone has one or knows of one, could you send it to ?



Hi .
After almost one year , I`ve made the third version of MooM.
actually I would like to announce it as a Christmas gift to all who love
animation .hope you enjoy it and happy animating and have a NICE year .

:slight_smile: Download


Edit : This rig works in maya 7 .


I’m not a registered user at Animation Lounge and I’d REALLY like to check out that rig… Is it for Max or Maya? (or none of the two :D)



it’s for maya and if you click on the link mirror you don’t have to be a registered user to download it.


I present you: Otto

*if you don’t know/use Blender, it’s free, powerful, small to download and runs everywhere:
-right click to select;
-“G” to move (or Grab);
-“R” to rotate;
-“S” to scale;
-“I” to insert a keyframe;
-Navigate around the scene with middle mouse button. Use it with “Ctrl” and “Shift” too;
-arrow keys to navigate through frames.Cheers!

#87 has released it’s “mascot” rig. Currently it’s on the front page but if that disappears there’s an actual forum section dedicated to it.


file not found pal


Sorry, buller. Now it’s ok. =D


Here’s a free rig for the super zippy Messiah:
And a little pictjurr:


Hello guys! I just wanna say that I’m very tired of animating human-style characters. Does anyone know where I can get some cartoon style characters like mouse, squirrel… ?


Hi AnimaAmaker . Im not sure if there is any kind of free Rat rig . But I recommend you to go through []( and then FREE RIG section . Im sure you`ll find some intresting rigs there .go for it :wink: I wish that it can help you :slight_smile:


thanks for your help, but I found nothing for me there ( maybe I’m too picky ?


If you work in 3ds max or SoftImage, just to play with pre-made animal rigs, you could try out CAT,
They have lots of pre-made rigs of elephants, dragons, snakes, bears, etc…


Hey guys,
Here is the Beta version of a Rig we’ve been working on for a while.

Down Load Here: Maya 6.0+ (Maya Hair is required for this rig)

Some Features:
IK/FK Switch
Squash and Stretch
Visibility Controls
Full Facial
and all that goodness

I hope you guys Enjoy it,


Thanks Man . its seems great . thank you for aharing it :wink: I learned many thing while playing with it :wink: wish all the best .:slight_smile:


I’m stoaked you like it. If I can answer any questions, please shoot them my way. The node network is a mess, and I wouldnt recomend venturing into it. Unless you like headaches :slight_smile: So I’ll answer any questions you might have.

PS Moom is an awesome rig! I found much inspiration in it. The controls are easily readable, and the function is very logical. Its a freaking great rig mang.



well by far my favorite riggs are from

he has Sam, BasicGuy, and a flour sack to animate too

and over all he’s a supernice guy too

do you guys know of any good heavy set guys//girls and thin female riggs?

I have basic jane but looking for more human proportions and looks.


Wow, been a while since i posted anything up in here. Heres a few more, had a harddrive failure which lost 2 others, ill see about getting them back some how.

Never the less, enjoy. Big thanks to Adam Schuman and Stev Kalinowski for parting with these assets.

*the zebra is back from 2004 and pretty basic, but better then nothing


Hey dudes. I recently fixed up a character rig of mine. Thought some riggers or animators might be interested. You can download him here at