Post your free rigs


hey Kiel,
great to see you at it again, :bowdown:

loved everything so far you and the team has shared so far…abslobuteRespect…

will chk the rig soon…


over at the site of the new Pepe-School-Land, in the MISC section there are 5 free max rigs available.

Thanks Daniel Martínez Lara!


thanks for the rigs…


Tht works is very nice. I like it very much.


My two cents. These rigs are kind of old, but I think they still can be useful.

[A couple of LW Rigs



And here it is mine . hope you like it guys :

features :

possibility in hiding and unhiding for most parts of body .
FKIK switching for arms and legs .
Facial Controll panel .
etc …

Click here to Download


Arghh! Ramtin, dude! That’s SUCH a cool rig!

And I won’t be able to use it! :cry:

switches to Maya



agred, cool rig ramtin. i’m looking forward to playing around with this guy tonight.


Rig Set #9



hello Kiel,

everytime you set one of your rigs free…brings out the Gollum in me…and i go…
hhrrrr…me wantssss it…

hope you have the mechGirl in line down some where…:slight_smile:

just checked out the rig wip section…found it really interesting with the way the legs and hands could turn, twist and bend…
is that fk for the legs?

special thanks to Steve and Dan for the setup…

edit - haha! thats the sweetest shoulder CTRL curve i’ve come across…:slight_smile:

ps- finger ctrls arent working…is there a switch?


Cheers dude, cool rig

Look into my eyes









Cool rig Ramtin. Im new to maya and need to learn some quick and I cant for the life of me find the upvectors for the arms theres something that seems to do it thats right behind the wrists but it locks back to its original when I scoll teh timeline. And how can I access the character’s UI?

Hope you can help


really nice stuff here :slight_smile:


here’s a modified version of the Lowman rig I just created that has blend shapes for better lip-sync . I’ve created it in a way that uses each of the parts of the mouth independently (was inspired by the face rig on the Keith Lango videos), feel free to edit and change how you want.

NOTE: The file is for Maya 7 PLE (sorry guys, only version I have).

here’s the link:

click on ‘Lowman’ to download.


Hey Guys …thanks for all these Rigs…


Fantastic Update to LowMax. Loving your work and nice to see a top notch 3DS rig
Looking forward to any updates if you decide to post them (please please please)

Saw your showreel yesterday. The first scene with the two boxes and the teapot is hillarious. the expressions and movement remind me of Grommit (of Wallace & Grommit fame) Though I dont know why.


Hey, I noticed there are alot of character rigs in here but does anyone know of a place to find good automotive rigs? Help always apreciated :slight_smile:


#78 has a GREAT cartoony Taxi rig, full squash and stretch


Mecha Girl rig now available. Thanks Steven Kalinowski and Reed Casey.


you rule Kiel and so does Steven and Reed…
do convey my sincere thanks to the team for sharing…