Post your free rigs


Hi there,
These are my free rigs (Prof & Robo), though they are a bit old, but maybe some find’em useful, for both Maya and Max:

Actualy I quit do it by my own and I use rigging tools like PuppetShop (for Max) and DW riggingTools (for Maya) now.


Hey everyone,

I know everyone has one of the many different ball character with the legs. But I wanted more flexibility to the character, so I spend a little time and made my own.

The thing that is different from this rig compared to others is I added auto stretchy legs and not only a horizontal and vertical stretch on the body (the ball part) but also a suggested horizontal squash and stretch to the body that can be control as well. So there are 3 different stretchy goodness you can give to this guy.

So with out further ado, I give you Mikey:

He’s free to download and animate if anyone is interested. He was made in Maya 6.0.1 So i’m not sure if he will work in other version or not.

I was messing around with him for a few hours just to test him out. Take a look here.

So if you want him, you got him, you can DOWNLOAD him directly in zip format: here!!

Or for updates and fixes, go to his page at:

If you find any problems or bugs, let me know at Also free free to send me some comments as well

Enjoy and have fun!


Did some one mention this theo rig before?? if sorry sorry for repeating… I found this cool rig over at . its cool. It has sqaush and strech controls for both limbs and for the head too… it should be great to animate. I am currently upgrading the rig with my own low poly objects linked to the bones… That way I would keep mine different from others.

Just thought I would tell every one about this…


Hi folks, feel free to come to my new nifty website and download a free rig! I’m calling it a Cheetah, but it can be a good basis for any kind of cat.

Cheetah Rig for Maya 6.5

Look in the free stuff section, and drop me an email with some feedback.



Logan RigHope you like it



hi Omar
First of all thank u for the initiative … I havie been Looking for that rig for along time (Still don’nt wat isn’t it free)
Looking for your future post and changes.

[font=Verdana][color=#ffffff]i can’t get the Materials right on it without smoothing it… any suggestions regarding this issue will be appreciated…
I jost set the faces on the his normals :Edit polygons
ormals\set to face. it’s should solve the problem.

Again Looking to see more from you .


My take on the ball with legs rig. Full squash and stretch on the ball and legs, with emphasis on ease of use. There is also an optional tail that can be turned on or off.
Zip file contains .ma for maya 6.0 and up and a .mb for maya 7.
Comments and feedback always welcome.

Dowload it here :thumbsup:


There needs to be more creature rigs…birds 4 legged monsters ect


Nice Rig there:

Great Site for character animator:


This is the site!!


Does anyone know if the Animation Mentor rig is available? More specifically has anyone ported it to MAX at all? I’m just tired of Charater Studio’s Biped and if someone’s already made a version of AM’s one then it would save me a few hours work surely :bounce:



Hey Carl. I’m sorry but AnimationMentor rigs are only available to AM students and they are in Maya format. Some people did re-rig the mesh for other software packages but that still stays internal.

Since you’re using max, you can try my lowmax rig on my site and you’re more than welcome to use the rig I use for my AM assignments.

It’s eventually going to be a free rig anyways. It’s just a wip but very capable as it is. (in the .txt, ignore the section about merging 2nd copy of the rig in. there are more stepst to do to make that work)


Thanks Harmonic, I’ll be sure to give it a try…

By the way, does anyone know what’s up with Mark Tsang’s “Ballie” Rig? There seems so be a download problem… all I got was a 10kb file that WinRAR tags as corrupt :shrug:



Still no creature rigs…


there’s a dog and a bird here No monsters, though.


New Rig

Added to the Rigs Page of my site.

Thanks to Steven Kalinowski for the rig and Reed Casey for the model.


OH SWEET Kiel, finaly a monster rig to play with…there goes my week…

EDIT’ the link opens rig set 11 not 10


Link is fixed now, mistake on my part, the joys of copy and paste.

Enjoy the rig.


that bird rig is terrible…thanks for the link though


MAN this rig is sweet, I remember seeing it in your reel last year…