Post your free rigs


Figgins what version of maya do you use becouse the rigs arnt importing…I use Version 6.


Theres been a lot of difficulties with getting the files to work for various Version issues. Sometime over the weekend, im going to go through and unify them and rehost. Until then.


Alright. I went through and cleaned up the files and made them all (hopefully) convertable to other versions (mainly 5) and provided instructions on doing so. Other fixes:

  1. Zombie Leg setup fixed
  2. Claw Mech scene and controls cleaned up
  3. Now Winrar compression

Hopefully that fixes some problems.


love your stuff keil!!. They all work fine for me, and iv been playin with them all week. Thank you so much :slight_smile: (havnt gotten to rigging yet, so its nice to be able to animate at least^^)


Here’s my little contribution.

it's on the front page of my site [](

It’s a rig for max 5 and up. Pretty similar to LowMan for Maya in it’s controlls (I made it because wanted something similar for max) And it has Squash and Stretch capabilities as well as Ik/FK blending on the arms.


anyone know why i can’t get that edgard for xsi one to work? maybe i have the wrong version im not sure… im currently running 3.5 so im not sure whats going on, im getting an version error when trying to open though the project manager.

This is what its saying

"You are trying to load a scene with an unsupported version.
This sofrweare supports scenes from version 108 to 350

Actual scene version: 350
Please try to load it from version: 402"

so im guessing my software is to old? :shrug:


here is one of my rig’s:
there is still some stuff missing, i will add that in later versions…



MrMotion has shared some of his rigs along with rigging tools and a whole new layersUI :bounce:
MrMotion’s download site
I have used alf and MrMotion rig and I think they work fine. I have not tested blueLayout yet.


here are some of mine i plan on posting more please contact with your comments and crits it would be very help full :slight_smile:

there the cgnetwork characters but ill have some nice orig characters rigged soon.


Hey aquafina :), under version6 I’m getting a bad file structure error when trying to open.


meh… i should have said there for version 6.5 ill try to get then working in 6 and ill post those also.

ok i reuploaded the pack with a version for maya 6 and 6.5



Someone suggested I should post this here (I already posted it in the Maya and Animation forums) but it would be good to have it in the sticky thread. So here’s my free rig, it’s just a simple ball with legs character. There are custom attributes on the foot controls, and the CoG control (ball stretch, leg stretch, bend, etc…).


 Here's a little test I did of him jumping that shows some of the squash and stretch possible.  
  []([Click this now!!!](
  Hopefully someone will find this useful.  :thumbsup:


does anyone know how u get the control objects to appear for rigs like the package man in maya 6? everything just seems frozen! (quite new to maya so not sure where everythin is yet)



If I remember correctly, there’s some visibility attributes on the main controller that you need to set to 1 for the controllers you want to use.


thanks bcairns but erm how do i do that exactly, as i say i am quite new to maya. most of my experience comes from XSI 4.


Select one of the main controllers (can’t remember if it is the main one where you can move the whole rig at once, or the COG controller), then in the the channel box there should be attributes, like fk arm, ik arm, facial controls, etc. and you can change the value to 1 to make them appear. Hope that helps.


Heres another, thanks to Kyle Wood (rig), , and Eric Schall (model),

More Coming Soon.



oh! we love you folks!!! looks superCool!!!

More Coming Soon.


Finally got it cleared. Many thanks to Steven Kalinowski for the rig and CGNetworks for the model. Do enjoy.


Hi Kiel,
Sincere thanks for the kind of contribution you and the rest of folks are making to this community. Looking forward for more rigs to play with.

Somehow the hunger is insatiable and I do hope we get to see more rigs (esp. the mecha stuff)coming our way from you super-cool folks.

; ) andy