Post your free rigs


It seems that every session we have there are people asking to find out where to get free rigs from. So I started thinking yesterday why not make a thread with links to all the rigs we can find much like the sticky above with the tutorials. Here are the ones I can think of right now. flyman for xsi edgard for xsi lowman for maya generi for maya bob for maya packageman for maya


Good idea , I’ll make this a sticky.

#3 Elvis Rig by Wade Ryer…I believe a Character TD for DNA studios.

#4 Frank for maya




there were some rigs from Lluis Lobera too…i personally like the troll rig very much,…i do not know the link…maybe a quick search would help to get there or maybe someone else can point it out - it was for maya.

btw - anyone know of a downloadable advanced rig for max…with facials and the works…?
been looking one for a long long time …something in the lines of generi for maya…

thanks and i’m glad Ali made this sticky…


…more rigs here


Could do worse than going to the rigging section of


this is awesome again…


I Love this thread… loads of material to Jump on to Animating…

Well… do i get some good rig with a good Morphs or Expressions with it ??

Dont know but m not comfortable with Generi and Packageman for Morphers…

Here 1 more thread goin on for free rigs >>


ok , the thread is good. But I don’ t think the free rig is good. I think rig must fit to animation.The people who do the character set up should know what’s the animation do the character should do.Then do the right rig!


how about providing a link to such a free rig mate?




Abhi3ds, your link’s address is ?? Maybe you can change that, good link though :slight_smile:

If you’re a good animator you can make your character show how he feels, don’t need any special rigg for that. Say you would have frodo in a gandalf body you’d still see that gandalf acts weird and you’d be like [hey, he acts just like frodo, I wonder what happened] Same with this…If I want PackageMan to be a nerd like person I could do that, I could make him matcho, I could make him an animator, I could make him a softy, make him a bad ganster, I can do anything with him, but still … he’s in his underwear :smiley: Do you suggest we make a new character for every animation test O_o??? Most of the free riggs use the same kind of set-up, which I quite like and you can do anything with it you want so… :thumbsup:


Thnx for da reminder dude… its workin fine now.

CHeck for this too -


Can anyone post some Blender3d rigs?

  • Ian


Heres a whole Slew of Rigs. Enjoy.


A million thnxx to you FIGGINS !



wow! :smiley:

very nice rigs here!!! :smiley:

well, here’s my humble contribution:


enjoy :wink:


digones, your rigg looks so cool :bounce: unfortunatly, I use maya 5 :hmm: :banghead: