Post Your best modeling tuts


wow, all the nice link i can c that! thanks to every1!


hope it helps…


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Hi guys,

I found some time ago a tutorial on how to model a couch and render it in vray but i cannot find it anymore.
It was a pretty detailed one, on how to make the wrinkles on the leather and the bend of the arm.

If anybody has a clue or a guess on what i am talking about could you please post the link?



vasilescu anton : isn’t this one ?


Yes, that’s the one! Thanks.
I got it wrong with the leather …


This site has a ton of links for Lightwave Tuts. Covers just about every single topic.



I used this thread when I was learning to model characters and vehicles, now I need a world to put these things into. Any good Enviromental Modeling tuts that anybody can recommend? Thanks for your help everybody.


Hey folks, I’m looking to get into some high-poly human head modeling. If anyone can recommend any specific tuts (never even attempted a human before with Max) I’d appreciate it.


Let try in

#132 ( Good tutorials and articles ) ( Tons of tuts ) ( 3dsmax tuts) (NOKIA 6670 INTERMEDIATE MODELING VIDEOTUTORIALS, 3 parts x 400Mb each) (LIGHT - a detailed tutorial, the best lighting tutorial I have ever read) ( In-Depth Look at UVW Mapping)


any tutorials on modeling organic creatures or dvds



Thanks for the light tutorial link, CodeFather–I’m going through that right now. Excellent stuff!



lovely tutorials :slight_smile:


Heres some good tuts

#138 Daily - 10 free 3d models b[/b] Megarchive 3d models for free downloads

and more practical information for 3dArtists


here’s some pretty nice stuff… it’s about edgeloops and other stuff. good for beginners. -LINK-
and here is the original thread where he started it: -LINK-



This is a very good tutorial on Modeling in Quads for 3dsmax