Post Your best modeling tuts


CodeFather: THANKS for that hair tut…interesting way of doing it, I’ve never seen it approached like that. Do you know if it is easily animatable?


I don’t know ,never did an animation whit this kind of hair, but maybe for some simple animation FDD box or Flex modifier will do the work.


I didn’t see Chris’s, (Ol Blue), site posted. It has to be one of the best places on the web to find free video tutorials. Honestly, it would take you a couple months to watch them all. There are 32 free video tuts. Each tutorial has many sections which bumps the number up over 100. He just posted the largest and best car modeling tutorials on the web, and it’s free! The tutorial is by Blittze and it’s Modeling an Audi A3, which is divided into 17 videos and must be 2 hrs long. It’s a must site for beginers and intermediate 3d’ers.

I really suggest sponsering him. It’s worth getting the super large tutorials. The Scopion tutorial in the sponser section is 14 hrs long. And, purchase the APU tutorial which comes on two CDs and is 50 hours long! It covers modeling, rigging, texturing and animation.

Absolutely the best site, other than this one of course, around.



this is one of the best tutorials on the net (the making of joan of arc) it’s in french but u will find the english translation on


Guys i used to use bryce 5 and while i wasnt good at it it was a helluva lot easier to use than 3d studio. if anyone can tell me a beginners site, and i mean real begginers, i havent got a clue, hopefully ill get good, untill then a lot of help is always wlecome.


if you’re talking about 3ds max tuts, go to

that’s where I started out, and their forums are much more beginner friendly than this forum (although i love cgtalk)…their forums are at

they have tuts by type and i believe 3dsmax is the first section…they have a car tut, a character tut, plants, whatever the hell you want…your best bet is just to strap yourself to your chair and read thru every freaking post ever on all of these forum sites…you’ll learn a lot :wink:


Also, You might want to try His tutorials are great for beginners.



Thanx v much guys. Hope u understand u have helped a true jedi master on his way to becomin an ultimate 3d graphiker. who am i kiddin.


Modelling in Carrara and animating in Poser


tutorial section

registration free

Good Bye


A bunch of good material for 3d max an other softwares.


First, hello guys.

I want to thank you all for this topic. THe modeling links from here realy help me alot as a beginner.

All my respect.


anybody can gimme a nice tutorial for modelling a PC/workstation/interior





Modelling tutorial for Blender:



Lot of a great video tutorials


Hi guys, does anyone have any good game art modelling tutorials. More specifially, half-life2 modelling tutorials, for building facial animation etc.

Any help would be appreciated, havnt really seen to much around about it.


Two timelapse videos. Enjoy. :thumbsup:


can anyone give me links to modeling human teeth/gums? thanx :slight_smile:


New timelapse. :wink:

< 1500 polys.