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In this tutorial, we will model a tetrahedron shape with a twist! You will need 3dsmax 2010 or higher. No addons or plugins are required. The techniques used here employ standard polygonal modeling techniques, and take advantage of the Graphite Modeling tools and real world units for creating an object which can be 3d printed, or used as a unique 3d asset for rendering.



In this exercise, we model a topological knot object for 3d printing in 3dsmax. Using simple subdivision polygon modeling techniques and standard tools, we explore a high genus model with curved handles very much like the topologic mesh concepts created in Topmod. We will model using real world scale, for export later to a format which can be uploaded and printed at a service like Shapeways, or just about any SLS 3d printer.



Here’s a free Marvelous Designer workshop how to make a dynamic 3D Renaissance dress.
(As featured in 3D World mag).


You can watch Part 2 here:

In these free Marvelous Designer video tutorials you’ll learn step-by-step how to make this dress.
I cover the entire workflow from creating the patterns, sewing the patterns to some texturing techniques and piping.
The tutorial videos are HD 1080p, with easy to understand audio narration.

Hope you enjoy this workshop!


In this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how to create an abstract, twisted starball which could be later exported as .STL file for 3d printing at #Shapeways, or some other SLS 3d printing service. We will use only standard polygonal modeling tools available in all versions of 3dsmax 2010 or higher. No plugins or addons required.



In this video, I’ll show you an alternate modeling technique to achieve the same object, which eliminates at least 2 or 3 steps. This new technique uses standard polygonal modeling techniques, and It’s a much faster method.


In this tutorial, we create an Orderly Tangle of four interlocked, equilateral triangles for 3d printing or render element. If you haven’t watched the previous Orderly Tangle tutorial, please go back and view that one first. The symmetrical arrangement of these triangles fit together to create a tight bond between each element, and will 3d print as one fused object.






Latest modeling tutorial for 3dsmax, or any capable polygon modeling package. Enjoy.


In this tutorial, we explore the creation of a Gyroid in 3dsMax, using simple modeling techniques in 3dsMax 2017. The model could be used as a render element or 3d printed. Most of the techniques represented in this video are universal and can translate to other modeling packages of similar capacity.




In this tutorial, we use standard polygonal modeling techniques to create a Brunnian style link structure connected by an organic bridge network at the center. Most of the techniques used in this video can translate to other capable 3d modeling applications.





In this tutorial, we obtain a complex non-orientable surface from a simple orientable mesh using the default topological modeling tools in 3dsMax, like Extrude On Spline. While the techniques in this video depend on specific features in 3dsMax, the strategies used can be reproduced in other software with similar capabilities.


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I’d like to share my free Marvelous Designer tutorials.

Making a Renaissance dress in Marvelous Designer video workshop:


Watch part 2 here:

For many more free marvelous designer tutorials visit:



Blender 2.8 Tutorial - Form 6

I’d like to share this new tutorial for Blender 2.8, featuring some of the latest modeling techniques and tools in the software.

The object is inspired by sculptor Norman Carlberg’s Minimal Surface Form 6 sculpture, on display at the Hirshhorn Museum in Wash. DC.


Click here to get Hard Surface Modeling Tutorial

Click here For Game Asset Modeling and texturing Tutorials

Click here to get the Complete Game Asset Creation workflow Tutorial using 3DS Max 2020 and Substance Painter. This is a New Release


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Here I would like to share free training I made for anyone just starting out in Maya.

I´ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.