Post Your best modeling tuts


yep i agree with u i spend lot of time for that one flick …
but i never find somethin u got my nerve just find me if u get somethin …plz.


A series of videos that show the modeling of a plastic coke bottle, from beginning to end. The entire process took about three hours and forty minutes but I increased the playback speed on the mundane and redundant sections so the total play time is around two hours and fifteen minutes.
Here is the link to my channel, but I have noticed that the video size is increased if you click on the lower right section of the video, where it says ‘Play On Youtube’. Also, be sure to enable annotations if you would like a description of what is happening.
Thanks, all feedback welcome.


how to model soccerballs the fast way.


Here are some of my favorites. Made by Jesse Sandifer, a brilliant character artist whom I have great respect and gratitude for. Thanks for the nice tutorials.

Artist: Jesse Sandifer


Manimal Man


3D World Magazine Issue 115.

In issue 115 of 3D World, Lino Masciulli explains how to modeling a character from scratch using Cinema 4D.

3D Warrior Female - Modeling in Cinema4D 10


Ryan Kingslien


Jesse Sandifer

Jason Welsh


Modeling Stitches in maya



Here’s my share of links for 3d tutorials:

You can find here all the 3d tutorials, consists mainly of 3d graphics, 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, Softimage, Bryce and Cinema 4D.


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I ran across this one recently. Dunno if its been posted before. Apparently translated thru babelfish.

Hi there!

Here’s the same tut but in english without babelfish


THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been trying to find a good character poly modeling tutorial and I had seen this one months ago… and everyone i had seen recently I was comparing to this one in my mind! Thank you so much for posting it! MUCHOS MUCHOS MUCHOS MUCHOS MUCHOS MUCHOS Gracias! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


both of those links are broken!


In my video class on Blender, I model Captain Knowledge from scratch using reference pics. Chapter 2 (28 videos, about 2 hours of instruction) is dedicated to modeling tools, including mesh, nurbs, booleans, sculpting, skinning/stitching, and so on.


Anyone know of any good mudbox head/face tutorials please?


hey guys… i posted this on another thread but here it is again.
I just posted a grass tutorial on my site based on previous techniques by other artists.


i have a few old tutorials here for modelling in maxon cinema 4d.

This one is for modelling an acoustic guitar with spline extrude…


Hi guys,

here is a tutorial on how to make a threaded strap using splines and a few modifiers.


lol i’m not going to actually look this up again because i couldn’t stop laughing
But a guy made a tut for modeling and texturing a ball sack. what made it worse is that he was so serious and said hilarious things, oh and the hair as well


That? :bounce:


haha yes did you watch it ?


Haha, definitely! :slight_smile:


Solid tuts I am ready to get going!!