Post Your best modeling tuts


Lets get some good modeling resources up here maybe its just some refrance pics anything goes for any package just post them later !!


Digital Sculpting Forum - A lot of professional modelers here. Good place to read up on techniques, but if you want to post you should read the rules first!

SoftImage Tutorials - Here are bunch of tutorials for XSI & 3D.

Maya Tutorials - Maya tutorials, including a bunch of modelling ones.


An awesome figure reference site for modelling and drawing people: The Loomis Project


Reference Images - A wide variaty of reference images.

Weapon Reference - a pic of almost every gun you can think of.

But of coarse, these boards are the best reference.





modeling a mouth:

modeling a hand:

another hand done in Maya:

modeling a head in LW:



Hey admins…what about making a section purely for tutorials? I’m pretty sure that would go down pretty well with everyone, and save a lot of searching around and repeated questions.
Does that sound OK?



this one is very good …this website has alot of references pics…and cool tutorials:thumbsup:


Jonny Bubonic , it has been already been suggested, and the idea was dropped, after making a poll.


I think the tut section is a good idea, what I would like to see is something like 3dluvr has, when someone makes something really cool, they give a little insight into the approach used.

#11 for your references of cars, plains, and a cathedral :smiley:

um modelling tuts…use google, you find amazing unkown tutorials…soemtimes it is for other packages than you use, but the technique is mostly the same.

And anothjer comment is that you only need a few tutorials on how the technique works and not tutorials of all objects in the world. So learn the technique and not making the object itself :slight_smile:

have phun :thumbsup:


OK heres a good tutorial site! have fun reading!


i think about making a tutorial myself on this head


Fade of Light, there are many ways to get to an end result. Reading a single tutorial by anyone may give the basic skills required for that technique, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the author/artist has done things in most efficient way, or in some cases done them properly. I personally like to see different tuts. Even now that I have some descent skills, I never take for granted that the approach I use is the best way. I like seeing alot of tuts, that’s just me!:slight_smile: :beer:


for 3ds max:


For all the car loving people a big collection of blue prints and step by step on how the author made his VW beetle. Great models too. hahahaah it was already posted lol


Characters modelling in max


Just wanted to say thanks you all cuz I am learning alot! Anywho keep posting tutorials cuz I am reading em!

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Nice collection of tutorials… Anyway, I’d just have to add a few extra ones :bowdown:
Great face modling for Maya, and other apps aswell.
Yes another cool head, this time in LW. But Technique should work in other apps too.
Some Lightwave modeling tutorials that get you started in no time, and shows some very nice things about Lightwave.
Though this is for Marai, it still is very usefull.

Enjoy… and as always… Develop an eye for detail, eventually by participating in the gallery forums! :thumbsup:


This human head tutorial is for ElectricImage Modeler’s UberNURBS tool but anyone using a NURBS based modeler should be able to folow along.

Also if you want good head & figure reference, check out “The Figure on CD .” The disk isn’t free but it is still good reference. The tutorial is totally free.