Post Here Your Plugins


ok, the zip contains mac versions now

hope you like it (an i hope it works, since i cant test the mac compilation)


Thanks for the Mac version. Just starting to play with it.


the link to the plugin is missing?


i took it down since i put more efford in it and decided to create a plugin collection i am going to try to sell. a demo will be available for direct download in some hours over here (still under developement, too)



hello there,
i’d like to say that my plugin collection is now available for sale. feel free to take a look at the gallery (will grow by time) to see some examples of what is possible within just a few clicks. there are quite a lot of fully parametric and animatable settings to achive various “random” stuff as well as ordered structures…

there is also a demo available which works within the c4d r11 demo.
plugin works with win and mac 32 and 64 bit

the post effects seen some posts above are also included in the collection.

thanks and cheers,


Hallo ello ^ ^

I tried to buy your Plugello plugins from your site but the paypal button gives me this error

The seller accepts encrypted website payments only. You cannot pay the seller through un-encrypted buttons. Please contact your seller for more details.

I emailed the merchant address but got no reply can you please tell me how to buy your plugins? Thanks


thats strange… i will see what can be done about this. in the meantime you can directly make the paypal payment to the account.

edit… just saw your email… i check the sales accout at the evening, thats why i didnt reply.

thanks for your interest,


Thanks a lot …the plugin is great! Especially ViralGenerator! I have mograph but the Randomizer can quickly creAte interesting auto-animated things that would take some time to create with Mograph…very nice work!


thank you for the kind words. i am very glad that you like it :slight_smile:


Interesting gallery, these plug in looks excellent in addition to the Mograph module. I will be interesting to see these plug in in action since i have to download the Demo for being able to work with it.


Hello folks,

i just wanted to tell you that there are finally 64 bit versions of my plugins for the Mac. Also all plugins were recompiled for C4d R11. I removed the plugin version number from the directory names in the zip, so remember to delete the old one. Also i couldn’t test the plugins on all systems. Maybe something doesn’t work. Let me know in this case.



Nice! Was waiting this for long time! :slight_smile:


Sooooooo great! Thanks for this…nomore 32bit now! :bounce:


Do you have any documentation for the UV-Deformer? I dont quite understand the concept…but it seems to be interesting.


Free Plugin: Camera Shader

Roughly the same functionality as the new Shader included with MoGraph 2.

Downloadable from



i updated my stuff again ... finally. Fixed some nasty broken things. And there is even something new: an atmosphere material for nicer planet renderings :) , plus a simple colormapping videopost effect.

@Holger: No sorry. But the concept is having a mapping from uv space to the surface. Like texture mapping but with objects.


Hello Michael
Thank you
ATM is great addition to Shawn’s tool -


Well, yeah. Probably. Almost stepped on each others toes. But he doesn’t have a physical atmosphere model :wink:


Great plugins.
I can’t figure out uvdeformer either. Would you post a sample file?


coming soon…