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Once installed this plugin adds the “.smd” file format to cinema’s export menu, allowing direct export of models (as reference smd file) for compiling with any Half Life 2, Source SDK/Engine, mod, game, project, etc.

For c4d versions 9.6 and up.
Currently does not support animations.

Developed by chris_m (author of lumen, zblur, budget, etc.) & I.
Contact either of us with any problems, questions, requests, etc.


Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to mention that I’ve got a new script set available for Cineversity members.

Natural Selection provides one-click solutions to common selection tasks, including:

  • Create New Selection Tag
  • Mirror Selection
  • Select similar polygons
  • Select polygons facing the camera
  • Select polygons with the same normal
  • Get selection tags associated with polygon selection
  • Fit texture tag to polygon selection
  • Select polygons associated with material

You can watch the overview video for free. To download, you must be a Cineversity member.

  • Rick -


I just posted an R10+ update of my Undertow plugin (including Mac Universal Binary) at my site… see the quoted text above for some links.


Thanks keith. I just received the E-mail with link from you.

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


The fluorescence Plguin from Thomas Kunert can be found here

It supports CINEMA 4D R10 and up on Windows 32 /64 bit and Intel/PPC OS X


hi. I just finished plugin to import animation from Poser and other software that can export animation via sequence of files, like sesuence of *.obj files from Poser.


Have fun.


I have just posted a v1.10 update (free to registered users) to my Undertow plugin. The update includes 3 new tools*…

  • UV Map Box
    Similar to C4D’s (BodyPaint’s) “Box” mapping mode - see the docs for details.

  • UV Map Cylindrical Cap
    Similar to UVMapper’s “Cylindrical Cap” mapping mode - see the docs for details.

  • UV Tile Fit
    A tool to help with tiled mapping, difficult to explain in a few words - see the docs for details.

…supported versions are R8.206 - R9.6 (PC and Mac PPC), as well as R10.0 (PC) and R10.1 (Mac) or later. You can grab the update from the download section on my site.

[*NOTE: The new tools are disabled in the DEMO version, but the FULL version is available for a new reduced price on the Undertow page.]




Thanks for the update Keith…

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


It’s me again :)…

I have just posted a Free v1.20 update to my Undertow plugin. This update includes:

  • 3 new tools added:

[li]Set Axis - Sets the mesh object’s origin to the center of the selected polys/points - see the docs for details.[/li][li]UV ShiftU - Shifts uv polygons to the left or right edge of the uv-mapping space - see the docs for details.[/li][li]UV ShiftV - Shifts uv polygons to the bottom or top edge of the uv-mapping space - see the docs for details.[/li][/ul]

  • some additional functionality added to the UV CenterU and UV CenterV commands.

  • see notes for changes with UV TileU and UV TileV commands.

  • fixed a bug with the new UV Map Box command when fewer than all polygons of the mesh were selected. This fix also affected the other mapping commands (selected polygons will now be mapped as if all polygons were selected).

  • Pricing for the licensed version will increase on or immediately after Dec. 10th 2007 [the new pricing will only apply to new registrations after the 10th - this and future minor revisions are still a free upgrade for current owners]

As usual, there is a DEMO version available in the download area of my site (some features are disabled in the DEMO version).



 I created my very first C4D plugin, thanks to 'The COFFEE Book' :) I thought it would be a good idea sharing it with the c4d community.


The purpose of this (very small) plugin is to speed up the creating and applying of a checkerboard texture in Cinema 4D. When adjusting the UV coordinates, I often create a checkerboard material and apply it to the model which makes working with the UVs easier. To do this you have to create a new material and you have to create a new Checkerboard surface in the color channel. This material has to be applied to the object and finally you have to adjust the scale of the checkerboard. Plenty of unnecessary mouse clicks.

With this plugin creating and applying the checkerboard texture will be realised with 1 single mouse click. Adjusting the size of the checkerboard is done with a slider. You also have the possibility to chose between 3 different checkerboard textures.

This screenshot should make it clear what this plugin realizes

I know this sounds very unspectecular and you’re right, it is. But anyway, you might find it usefull so I made it available on my site.



Thanks Patrick, a very nice little enhancement to our workflow. :thumbsup:


Hi petz, you did a nice tool, thank you! could you please give me a mirror download link, unfortunately your site IP is blocked here:( Thanks!


size lines for cinema4D



I’ve recently released a new plugin called CD Transfer Tools. This plugin is a workflow plugin which makes transferring objects around in the scene a bit easier. The transfer commands included are: CD Transfer, CD Transfer Mirror, CD Transfer Replace, CD Transfer Swap, CD Transfer Align and CD Transfer Links. There is also a CD Coordinates Manager which allows you to work in real world units. This makes it possible to set the unit scale and to convert between units:

I’ve recorded a complete video manual/tutorial which you can download here:

It’s a long one at 35 minutes (49 mb), but it should give you a complete description of the plugin’s features. :wink:

The plugin is now available from my web site:

I hope you find the new plugin useful. :slight_smile:

Cactus Dan



Just thought I would list the two plugins that I offer at my site.

“Harvester” allows users to save and apply saved animation to rigs.

“Multi-Renderer” allows users to render up to 10 different scenes and varying cameras and render settings.


Hi nj0001.
A little feedback on you site, meant in the most respectful way.
I know from reputation that your plugins are good but, after trying to chase the “links”
for a while I gave up to check them out:(
It’s an absolute awesame thing to look at, but a awful way to get thru…

Maybe have a regular html option right away (and no sound).

Again, just a respectful feedback:)



hi there,
i guess or hope this is the right place for posting a videopost plugin and a randomCreation plugin i recently created.
the first called vpxLiner and creates images like this:

the second one (called ranDomizer) creates randomized copies of the selected object and should be used with care, specially when using the “iterate” .it is located in the plugin menu and things like this can be done with it:

you can download it here (its the

i hope some may enjoy using them…


Hi Ello,

Looks great, but how do I use them?


just put the folder into the plugins directory of cinema. for the moment it’s only for windows. i tested it with the r11 demo and it worked there, too. but i guess it needs to be compiled for 64bit versions separately and since i dont have a 64bit system, i cant compile it for this. a mac version could be done, tho


I am looking forward for the Mac version.