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I concur. The Mac version of SplinesPlus was compiled by yours truly. :slight_smile: It is a very useful little plugin.


Does the demo work? I am on a mac, but I am running 9.5, so maybe the plug doesn’t run under it.

I’ve been looking for a plugin like this.



I just thought I post two little helpers I created:

Disable MaterialsMaterials are disabled by restricting them to a selection that starts with “off#”. Existing restrictions are left intact but prependend with “off#” also. Enabling the Materials again restores the original restrictions.

This one is useful if you want to do “Clay” renderings of already textured scenes.

Requires release 9.1 as it uses the enhanced COFFEE syntax with # operator introduced in 9.1
Create Null HierarchyDuplicates a selected hierarchy by creating a new hierarchy using nulls. The original object’s name (plus appended .null), position and orientation is duplicated.

This is handy if you want to created targets for the use with Pose Mixer. Instead of duplicating the original objects you now can have a lightweight null hierarachy for the poses.

Tested with release 8.5 but should work with earlier versions as well.

You can download both plugins here:

Both plugins are COFFEE plugins and are distributed in source under a BSD style license.


SplitSelection was prompted by a request to split selection tag selections when working with Symmetry objects.

When you make the Symmetry object editable, your original selection tags get both sides of the symmetry in selections. This plugin lets you select a set of tags and then splits the selections according to the Mirror Plane and the side thereof on which the originals resided. The result is two selection tags, the original containing the original selection set and a new tag which contains the mirrored set. And to make the process complete, prefixes can be attached automatically to the tag names (such as ‘Left_’ or ‘Right_’) .

Works with Point, Polygon, Edge selection tags and VertexMap tags. Just setup, select tags, and ‘Split’.

Edge selection tags resolved - boy, was that painful! :wink:

Download SplitSelection.



New free plugin for R8+ (PC only) to add or update a ‘Normal Tag’ to your polygonal mesh objects.

From the included readme file:

With the release of version 8.0 (?? maybe it was 8.2 or 8.5) Cinema 4D now has a ‘Normal’ Tag that can be associated with polygonal mesh objects. Normals (or ‘vertex normals’) are basically a unit vector that is perpendicular to the face of a polygon (for face normals), or the average of all the face normals that surround a vertex (for vertex normals). Face Normals can be used to determine whether a polygon is facing the camera, or away from it, so it’s used in Backface Culling, as well as simple (flat) shading models. Vertex Normals are used in lighting calculations to generate smooth-shading.

Most applications (including Cinema 4D) these days don’t require that the mesh have explicit Normal data attached to it, instead, they generate that information internally at runtime. However, there are some cases where you might want the output file to have the Normal information written in it (my Riptide .obj import/export plugin can read/write Normal information - IF the tag exists before exporting, or IF the normals exist in the file before importing).

So, generally speaking, if you don’t know why you’d need a Normal Tag, you probably don’t - C4D doesn’t need a Normal Tag on a mesh in order to render it correctly… and in fact, many tools and plugins might not update the tag correctly, causing strange shading errors, once you start slicing the mesh up (adding/removing vertices). If/When this happens, you can either:

a) delete the Normal Tag
b) use this plugin to update the Normal Tag :slight_smile:

…so what this plugin does is create a Normal Tag (normal vector information for each vertex of each polygon) on a polygonal mesh. If the mesh already has a Normal Tag, it deletes that and attaches the new/updated one.

p.s. I wrote this plugin because I didn’t see any way within C4D to create a Normal Tag, so if it’s there, or someone else already wrote this plugin… oops :).

You can find the plugin at Spanki’s Prop Shop on the C4D page.

Have fun!


There’s a new version of my Riptide .obj import/export plugin available for R9.102 or later which now supports N-gons (polygons with more than 4 sides).

You can find the plugin at Spanki’s Prop Shop on the C4D page.


  • Keith



there is new UVDeformer version. Now for R9. PC only, however. Sorry.

The new version should be easier to use.
At least you don’t necessarily need a UV-mapped object anymore. Instead you can use pairs of identical objects. Identical except for point positions, of course. One of the objects should be somewhat planar, as a uv-map replacement.
There are quite a lot of changes. It should generally be faster and more reliable. There are more options for controlling the uv-map positioning, the displacement direction. You can change most of the options on a per-child basis by using a special UVDeformer Tag.
Oh… and i tried to make a nice manual and videos, which i hope, help to get started.

here is the link

best regards


For moving/transfer objects by clicking.

Adds a no-selectable NONO Tag and optionaly a Cinema Protection Tag as well.

Please check the ReadMe how to install and make use of “Save As Default”.

dload from here Item 018



[Added here for posterity]

Auto Gel Projection automatically adapts texture coordinates to lightsources to simplify the use of gel textures.

Download link for Cinema 9.5 or higher:

Or click HERE to get a stripped version that will run on Cinema 4D R 9.1.

More info here:



Hey there,
With this plugin you can use the same Shader (even complex ones with layers) in multiple channels, shaders and even Materials.
So if you like to have the same shader in the color and the displacement channel, you just set a Reference Shader in the Displacement channel, and that’s it. every changes to the color-shader now also affect the shader in the displacement.

For insertion you can browse through a tree of your materials and shaders like this:

for more infos please visit our site at

and look at the manual there.
There are also some video tutorials on the page.

greetings to you all,



A update to the old Pointcollapse plugin is now avaiable. I made a Win32 and UB Build for R9.6 and above. The new version supports the R9 modeling features. Ngons, Highlighting and so on…


CopyPastePolys is a new plugin for copy/pasting polygons.

It can be a nice alternative to the connect command. You can copy from multiple objects, and paste into a single destination.

best regards


My new BodyPaint 3D / Cinema 4D plugin is now available for purchase on the C4D pages at Spanki’s Prop Shop.

For a limited time, I am offering it at the Introductory Price of $24.95

This plugin is a collection of new commands designed to assist UV-mapping within BodyPaint3D, with an additional focus on a workflow of using C4D’s Symmetry Object during the modelling process.

The new commands include:
[li]Group Mirror[/li][li]Mesh Splitter[/li][li]Selection Symmetry[/li][li]UV Map Cylinder[/li][li]UV Map Sphere[/li][li]UV Asepect Fit[/li][li]UV CenterU[/li][li]UV CenterV[/li][li]UV TileU[/li][li]UV TileV[/li][li]UV Symmetry[/li][li]UV Stitcher[/li][li]UV AlignU[/li][li]UV AlignV[/li][/ul]…a detailed description of the plugin and individual commands is available at the link above.




Since MESS plugin is no more hosted on it’s original site i decided to host it.
Get it here ->
Feel free to post this link enywhere it could be useful.
Just to mention that i know that it works atleast on v9.5 cant be shure of v.10


Mess works with R10 as well.

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:



Any chance this plugin will be compiled to UB so it can be used in R10 (Mac)?




I’m in r9.6 but would like a UB compiled version too if possible.
Thanks. :smiley:


Great plugin by Samir “Katachi” Kharchi …

This file contains a plugin for cinema4d version 9.0 or greater , which can replace the Cinema 4D
Bounding Box (which has an offset to the object geometry). Simply turn of the Cinema 4D Bounding box
in the view settings and turn BBoxer on.


I have decided to reduce the price of my Cinema4D / BodyPaint 3D Undertow Plugin by 50% to make it easier for those people using the demo version enjoy the additional capabilities of the full version.

The price has been reduced from $24.95 to just $12.50 USD (via PayPal).

[The Undertow plugin is a suite of tools for use primarily inside BodyPaint 3D’s UV Edit mode, but there are also a few for use in the Cinema4D modeller. There is an Online Manual available that describes each tool. If you haven’t tried it yet, there is also a demo version of the plugin available in the [downloads[/link"]downloads]( section (some functionality is limited in the demo version).]




A couple of new plugins here.

EdgeShade which primarily puts a bevel on hard edges of your object.


Enhance:C4D which is a set of 178 procedural shaders.

I’ve also got some cool freebies floating around, so have a look around my site here.