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Master of Lights - ColorMapping Plugin.
(post fx -It uses unclamped colors and subpixel information)
excellent for many scenes especially those wanting to replicated vrays colormapping.

latest version is:


Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


came across this toolset today had never heard of it before but looks interesting and might be very useful to some people.

Collie Tools.


Sorry :slight_smile:
Renato T.


Added 3 FREE plugins to my Renderosity Homepage:

EdgeFlip for Cinema 4D(PC ONLY)
Manuals Opener for Cinema 4D(MAC and PC)
PoserLoader for Cinema 4D(MAC and PC)


Good conception


these are great, thanx guys!!!



You can download all my plugins on my new homepage under plugins.



Hi all,

There is a new forum on my page about pathdeformer and nota.

I hope also in a wip section where you can post your work in progress and other stuff.

Renato T.


Support for this plugin has been so overwhelming that I have added the first step in supporting DAZ|Studio import by way of the “OBJ for Bryce 5” export option. More support to come thanks to the great people over at Daz3d!

In addition to this, the code base has been unified for Windows and MacOS to facilitate easier updating/maintenance and the parse algorithms have been updated to increase parsing speed.

Finally, development of interPoser Pro is in progress. Although it may be some months before a beta release is announced, it is with great pleasure that I make this announcement. Every effort will be made to create a stable, full-featured, and mind-blowing plugin.

Thank you very much,


Very neat one,

The long awaited shader tree view( programmed by Affa)


Now, if it would work on a Mac, that would be great.


Not bad, but without tighter integration with the material editor and more control over nodes, its purpose is a little more limited.

My three biggest peeves were…

  1. Having to leave tree view to edit parameters was a letdown.
  2. Being unable to manually create or drag branches in tree view was equally disappointing.
  3. Not knowing until I checked my console window that 9.100+ was required did a mind trip on me. :slight_smile: (I forgot to update my C4D when I reinstalled it yesterday. Oops… :p)

Still, this is a nice step toward a functional shader tree system.

EDIT>> Tree View just crashed while I was navigating the tree (with pictures enabled). Oh well. (R9.1, P4-3.06GHz, WinXP SP2, OGL Rendering, NVIDIA GF4)


QuickStairs Free 1.01

yesterday i’ve released my free stairgenerator. the plugin itself is in german and english. the manual is only in german at the moment.

Here some pictures:

feel free to download and use it.
i hope, you like it !

Here is the link:



This works great on my PC.
Will there be a Mac version available?



no sorry, there won’t be a mac version at the moment, because i don’t own codewarrior. i will compile it for mac, when the announced xcode sdk is available. :sad:


Spline Patch generates surfaces from four border splines. The plugin is designed as an object generator, i.e. all parameters including the spline geometry can be changed at any time. This makes the plugin a valuable extension of the Cinema 4D-Nurbs objects.

[li]Comfort selection of splines
[/li][li]Edge profiles with extrusion and bevelling
[/li][li]Mesh deforming using a spline or a polygon object
[/li][li]Smooth welding using the integrated Multi-Patch
[/li][li]Editable UV coordinates

Price 52,00 € (approx. 42,00 $)


quickstairs free 1.02 is now available for MAC too !
hope you like it :slight_smile:


Thanks very much for the Mac version. :bounce:


Check out this plug if you want to do ‘2D spline booleans’ in Cinema!

I just came across it today and haven’t seen it mentioned here.

Look for ‘Splines Plus’ in the C4D plugin’s section of the site.

Mike A.