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Gridder 1.0.4 is a plugin for Cinema 4D which creates a dynamic grid based on various parameters and presets.

Tested only with R19-21 yet. But should work synonymous with other releases.

Two grid types (TRTD & VLSI)

Shader based grid density

Switch between mesh and spline output

Adjust grid look with bevel, offset & min cell size

And a break it button

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Today is my birthday, and I decided to share with you my little tool for C4D - autoLayer. It helps to use layers in Cinema 4D by automatically adding all the children to the same layer as parent. Works as a tag. 5$.


Easily batch handle and convert between all the 3D formats that are supported by Cinema 4D.


PolyDivider is a Cinema 4D Deformer plugin that makes polygon subdivisions with procedural algorithm designed to produce random geometric patterns based on a rectangle.

The idea came from the type of diagrams called “treemaps”, that takes a rectangle and splits it vertically and then horizontally. The outcome is fed to the loop, again and again, depending on the number of user defined iterations. A seed value and slight alterations of the algorithm produce a variety of results.

Here is some examples of the this technique created by Dimitris Ladopoulos with Houdini:

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