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[FREE RELEASE R12.043+] MoToReal

MoToReal Menu Plugin for R12.043+:
Convert Cloners, MoText and Fracture
to real poly objects.

tcastudios -> xfiles

Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios


Thanks Lennart,

I’ve announced it on the Lounge as well.
- link -

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


You can find my free and open source Python plugin Regex Renamer in the following post.



Anyone has the plug-in called “Shorty”, i look for it a long time, the old download link has error, any can upload it, plz
thank u so much


hi aetheriv

Have a look at:



oh thx u so much room66
u r my hero :smiley:
let me try ^^


An alternative PointCluster thingy as a Tag.
Works on splines, open source for anyone to trash

tcastudios -> xfiles

Greetings from General Cluster :slight_smile:


i want to share my new python plugins with you.
it’s working but need more time to be better

i suppose, best features are direct rendering from cinema4d over client machines and collect result files to original render folder.
Please give me feedback and comments

direct download links and web page for infos

web page:

download link:


Sorry guys I didn’t know this thread existed. :slight_smile:
My plugins can be found HERE.

I create a collection of plugins for helping users recreate the natural world called PXG Elements. .

I also offer TRUE Symmetry which is a FREE plugin for improving symmetry modeling in C4D.

I also offer Selection Tools. Which includes a tool for randomly selecting points, polys, and edges, and an enhanced live select tool.

More to come!




Its been ~a year since we announced the α release of ePMV. We’ve been hard at work adding features and stabilizing/simplifying the installation. We’ll announce a 64 bit version and an update for C4Dv13 very soon.

The embedded Python Molecular Viewer (ePMV), runs molecular modeling software directly inside of Cinema 4D (and other hosts).
The combination provides:
• Tools to accurately and instantly build DNA, Proteins, RNA, Drugs and other small molecules, lipid bilayers, etc.
• Tools to assemble professional quality visuals and to perform computational biology experiments with relative ease
• Intuitive GUI workflows that help users set up animations ranging from easy turntable rotations to sophisticated mechanism of action movies
• A common Python Platform that allows users to initiate sophisticated algorithms like molecular dynamics or docking energy calculations on the fly and to interoperate multiple algorithms at the same time on the same model
• One-click updating once installed
• Built upon PMV, one of the worlds most flexible and powerful molecular modeling/graphics software packages
• Download and Install from our website ( and get started with written and video tutorials

By enabling easy exchange of algorithms, ePMV can facilitate interdisciplinary research, smooth communication between broadly diverse specialties and provide a common platform to frame and visualize the increasingly detailed intersection(s) of cellular and molecular biology.

ePMV plugins currently supports:
• Cinema4D 11.5 & 12™ (11.5 died with Py4D expiration)
• Blender 2.49 (& 2.58 on mac) & Linux
• Maya 2011™

Required Modules/R12 version: Any
Platform: Windows & Mac

Examples of molecular representations produced with one click:


You may want to notice the recent policy changes in Lennart’s tcastudios.

As of today the two plugin expressions SteadyCAMPRO and SteadyBAKE are filed under xfiles as free downloads for R12.

Both are tested in R13 but are not suited for further development given the rapid development of Python for Cinema4D.

Too bad and very very cool at the same time, len.
Thanks a lot.
Hope that frees up some of your time to dive into new ideas.



argg to bad to hear this Lennart. I always liked the SteadyCamPro very much.
Thanks for the support the last couple of years. :slight_smile:

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


Name: ArabicText C4D

Description: Entering Arabic language text into Cinema 4D without assistance fails because Arabic flows right-to-left while English flows left-to-right. Simply reversing the text does not work because the letters don’t link properly after they are reversed. This plugin deals correctly with medial letterforms and flows the text from right to left.

Link: ArabicText C4D



just wanted to announce two plugins I wrote. They are free and open source, so they can be changed to your liking…

ColourTable offers user definable color tables (one per document, one globally in C4D). Colors have names and tables are searchable. Additionally some static tables like RAL, Pantone or CSS3 are provided.
If you’re like me, and often have the need to work with defined colors (corporate identity, product colors,…), then this might be for you.

Compatible with Cinema4D R12 and R13, Windows and OS X.

ColourTable home:

ManualKerning, despite its name, offers not only manual control over kerning distance, x/y offset, scale and rotation of every single character of a MoText object, but also rule based kerning (to define your own kerning tables) and even automatic kerning, as long as the used font contains such information.
To make automatic kerning work, ManualKerning makes use of FreeType2 library. For version 0.0.1 of ManualKerning builds of this library are included, for later versions, it won’t be needed any more, as the library will be linked into the actual plugin.

Compatible with Cinema4D R12 and R13, Windows and OS X.

ManualKerning home:

Hope someone likes them,


Waiting for the Mac version. These sound superb. Kerning is one aspect of C4D that needs some love and care.


As soon as I have a Mac version, I’ll leave a note here.
Unfortunately I own no Mac, nor do I have one in reach. So I need to depend on somebody else. The guy who volunteered to compile it for Mac seems to be quite busy and I really don’t want to push him, as he offered to compile it for free. On the other hand the source is open, perhaps somebody else jumps in… we’ll see.
At least it’s nice, somebody seems to be interested, and I knew beforehand, it’s of very little use to have a Windows version only…


Just want to announce that there are Mac versions of ColourTable and ManualKerning, now.
Please pay attention to notes on the project sites. There’s documentation in the project wikis, too.


How can I test cpu and ram worknig wthh C4d?
resolved thanks for the info support…


I wrote a plugin call record PSR ,which can record all the PSR of the child objects under the parent.
you just need to right click adding a record PSR tag to the parent object,and a dialog will open up ,and ,click the record button ,all the child object’s PSR will be recorded ,whatever you change the object’s position or rotation later,you activate the tag and click the execute button all the child objects will return to it’s recorded state.

I updated this plugin recently, now It can records point object as morph tag ,so now it can records all the bones, Ik controlers, mesh, into one tag . swihch different characters just need one clip.


TuileGenerator ver. 2.0

TuileGenerator is a Cinema4D 13 plugin for making Tiles on Roofs. The plugin works with all geometries and poly structures without restrictions.
With this software you discover how to make roof is symple and fast using Cinema 4D
The plugin makes 3 types of default Tiles:

Piedmont Tile
Portuguese Tile
Veneto Tile

Each Tile can be personalized for the best result otherwise user can make the own Tile for generate the Roof or others Mantle. The plugin is very easy and works with all kind of surfaces.
Watch the Tutorials on this page to learn it as best is possibile.
TuileGenerator works with all rendering Engines because the mantle is generated by poly structure and you don’t need the plugin to open the final file.

Cinema4D and system requirements:

Cinema4D release 13 (all editions)
OSX Snow Leopard or Lion
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Update and new features on this release:

UV tiles Support for generated mantle
Increase working speed
Automatic generating of Selection Tags for making roof multi color with random or alternated pattern till 5 tiles

more info: