Post here your colour schemes


Obviously he is not interested in sharing that layout scheme…few have asked while back.


After some observation, i could be wrong, why not just go into the preferences and change the colors of the scheme to replicate what he has. It shouldn’t be difficult.


im new to C4D and i would lik e to know how do I apply those color schema


Goto EDIT -> Preferences -> Interface -> Colors


Just a quick note…

The Cinema Pro Scheme works fine in the main App, but produces and error in Client. Even if the scheme is not active, when client is launched I get the following:


Goto to preferences and choose pro scheme. Believe it or not, now just slightly change a color in the color interface and that gets rid of the error. It works! Either that or this is an entirely different error…:shrug:


Thanks for the tip… I tried it though, and I still get the same pop-up in Client.


Layouts / Schemes:
go get em…all the schemes and layouts you may want…

dark scheme xtasy -xsi/c4d

dark scheme

blue flatty

alluminium scheme

blue scheme

green(frogger) and silver scheme

colour blind user scheme…adaptable depending on colours i guess.

dark scheme

dark grey



show us your layout thread


Thanks for the share… but at least 4 of those links seem to be invalid.


It’s possible. I haven’t checked them out.


damn, i want that “un_titled” scheme too!


soon …

i like your work :wink:


good news!

thanks! :slight_smile:


where is un-titled scheme ???




Hi folks

how do you save these schemes if I want to have them for future installs after I tweak them?



Just move/zip up the folder in your schemes folder. That contains all the scheme information you should need.



my question was unclear

how do I set up a scheme (so I can then save it)? in other words, if I have a layout and color setup that I want to keep, how do I define the files required to form a scheme ( the .col, .res files)? I have not found a way to generate them and Maxon Tech Support could not tell me either



It’s automatically saved. The scheme is set up in the scheme folder, all the color etc become a aprt of that scheme, so when you copy that scheme folder you are copying that scheme as you have it set up.

The layout is a different thing to the scheme (a scheme is a skin, a layout is the organisation of your menus and windows) and you can save that either from the Window->Layout menu, or just by copying out your preferences from the prefs folder in your Cinema 4D folder.


thank you !

I was able to find the modified .col file under /prefs

so I copied to another folder under resources/scheme with the other files of the scheme I modified and can now switch at will between schemes

very helpful

but then… what are the .res files for? schemes pack this file but don’t seem to affect the displayed scheme