Post here your colour schemes


let’s start with a Modo-like scheme


let’s continue with another,
Modo-ish, Lw-ish ( based on Sabao’s LW-ish scheme)


Cinema Pro updated a bit:


Grey scheme and Cinema Pro both produce a warning when starting C4D. Maybe it’s R8.5?

I really love the Modo style, thanks.


Thanks Art2,
the scheme was made for 9.1, so it could have issues when used with earlier versions.


Uhm, I dunno if this is allowed, but I hope it shouldnt be a problem:

All credit to the creator of Modo4D (creator ThirdEye? :shrug:) which is the base of this scheme.
Since I’m gonna lear Softimage XSI aswell, I wanted to get the feel. Though I dunno if it is even close to the same when it comes to the real buttons. And I havnt figured out how to make the folded icons to a button instead which says like “Primitives” instead of the first object, in this case the cube.

Anyway, I’ve just slighty changed the scheme to this:

Which I’ll think I’ll work in instead of the layout which seems a bit weirdish and cant possibly be user-friendly heh, but it looks a bit like XSI’s:

So anyway, hope I dont get flamed for this, and enjoy:




Grey scheme works fine here, Cinema Pro produces an error though (9.1)


Hy !

I dont know how to set up the modo or the gray scheme, dont know where to place the files ?? The LW scheme works fine !!



Sipro: Just extract the Modo4D zip and put the Modo4D folder into your \resource\schemes folder of your C4D install. Then in your preferences panel of C4D it will appear as an option.


It Works great :))) Thx MuchoBucho


My personal Production scheme


I would like to have your Scheme…:cry: :cry: :cry: please … :deal:


how do u change ur schemes when u’v downloaded?

how do u make ur own?


How do you get back the default colors after messing around with preferences?


In worst case by simply deleting (or renaming to test what will happen) the prefs directory.


So if the whole prefs directory is deleted, I assume C4D recreates it?


Correct, in this case the factory defaults kick in and are saved in a new prefs folder.


Heck, can anyone direct me to a tutorial as to how I can create my own?


Yeah man! that looks awesome. I’d love to use that too, if you’re willing to share of course.

<-- loves the dark schemes :smiley:



wow this is the best scheme i have seen until now!

untiteld wanna share it?