Possibly stupid question....how do you pronounce Corel?


I’ve always pronounced it Corr-al (as in the stuff that comes from the sea), and then my lecturer mentioned it today and called it Cor-rell. Have I been pronouncing it wrong all these years?!?


your lecturer had it right


Yep, Corel is pronounced with emphasis on the second syllable:


CO [/b]rhymes with[b] SHOW

REL [/b]rhymes with BELL


Okay guys, so here’s another one … Wacom. I have heard it as WAK - UM and WAKE - EM

Any oone know the official pronunciation?



WAK - UM is correct


Way Kom … :slight_smile:


Kind of like Dot Com


In a phone conversation several years ago, I asked someone at Wacom how to pronounce their company’s name:

Wacom is pronounced with emphasis on the first syllable:


WA rhymes with MA and PA

COM rhymes with GUM and SOME


And I bet that WA-COM stands for Washington Company, since they are located in Vancovuer Washington.


On Wikipedia they said that Wacom is derived from the Japanese symbol for harmony (“wah”) and the first syllable of computer (“come”).



LOL! This turned out to be a great thread!

And so the pronunciation appears to be cleared up, but now … the origin. Interesting stuff.



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