POSEIdOON_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


HA! Bitchin’ Santa. :slight_smile:


Nice job with architectural studies!


Thanks all! I’m glad you liked :slight_smile: This one i surely would like to finish, add some tattoos to Claus and better design his clothes before adding color.

I’m glad this challenge is going only to 22 of December because the closer we get to Christmas it gets harder to get free time to make this… well, 4 left to make :wink:


Awesome, Santa has hit the gym over summer! Nice work dude, look forward to seeing more. :slight_smile:


That Santa is JACKED ! Thick. Solid. Tight. Some would say XD
He surely could bash some heads in with those good ol’ big guns. Not a good time to be a bad kid !


Ahaha! Thanks :smiley:
Coming already late with my entry 19, i hope tomorrow i’ll have more time to make the last ones…

  • DrawCember Day 19 - “Textures environment” used a photo as reference, made some experiments and i totally lost track of time in something so simple! Lol. But i’m kind of happy with the final result…

#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #wacom #cgsociety


I love the subtlety of the cracks in the building. I like the stone street, too. :slight_smile:


Nice global illumination!


Cool stuff Posei! Reminds me of a place I lived at in Spain. :slight_smile:


This piece looks really good man! A bit of color makes all the difference :smiley:


Thanks everyone!

justcallmeinsane actually i believe the stone street it was the texture that it looks the worst there… wasn’t sure about it, probably i would need to paint over the texture to give it a better look…

Sutansan, i believe you, in Spain and even here in Portugal we have alot of cities of arab architecture… i’m from the south of Portugal and my city has some streets that look very similar to that :slight_smile:


I really like the atmosphere that you breathe in Textures environment.
Very very good.:applause:


Here is my late entry that i tried to put in color, ehehe

  • DrawCember Day 20 - “Succubus” fan art from the game Summoners War, i think its a game for cell phone, never played it but a friend asked me to pick a character of my choice and obviously i choose the big cleavage :smiley: I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to make it in anime style or in my style… so i tried both and only colored the one with my style. Lol

#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #wacom #cgsociety #fanart #summonerswar


Ooh, colors :). I’m not familiar with the game, so I won’t blame you for the design of the “bathing suit”, but won’t those boobs do a nip-slip at the slightest sign of movement? :S


POSEIdOON, beautiful coloring! I also love the previous street sketch. Very light and airy.

It is quite impossible to run, fight, jump, do crazy stunts with those revealing outfits they invent these days. Thanks god, those girls are just drawings, otherwise it would be a hell on earth for them.


good job!:bounce:


WOw! so you were just keeping color for the end?? If we knew, we would have demanded more color drawings, really nice. really nice. More color drawings!!! :bounce:


Solid work! The design and colors are realy great! One of your best I’ve seen here!


I agree. One of the best drawings, good!:bounce:


Oh! Believe me i would love to see fighters like this trying to move in this oufit :smiley: I bet they would win all the fights!.. if the adversaries liked what they see, ahaha