POSEIdOON_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Very nice, clean drawing! :slight_smile:


Dude, these last two are amazing!


Nice horse drawing.

And that is a saddle study. Practical logic. I sort of wonder why those don’t just roll over to the side from being top heavy. Shape, probably. Too much of a pinch to get it up and off the spine. Yeah, it grabs the spine ridge. That’s it.

You’ll be rready figure out Samurai on horseback with this.


Hey, as I can see, you’re really hard at work !
I need to do the same and keep going. Good luck, mate !


The study of the horse and the harness is well done.
Among other things, the horse is not easy to draw.:slight_smile:


Horses can be really complicated and you did a great job :). If I have to nitpick though, I feel like you forgot the pastern near the hoof.

Edit: Adding a picture, you really don’t want to google horse hoof D:


I like the clean black and white images most, I think. And the skater is my favourite. Yay for jet skates;)


Thanks everyone! I’m glad you liked, It was fun for me doing the horse :slight_smile:

LadyMedusa, thank you for the image of horse anatomy. This learning images are most welcomed and i like your atention to details and you are right i was a bit lost in this specific part of the horse! Can be tricky to learn a new anatomy but a fun challenge :smiley:

  • DrawCember Day 17 - “Marrocos?!” made some research about Marrocos streets and used one photo for the buildings layout, then for the details used some imagination and other photos for reference of objects. My idea was to make something more “medieval” so modern Marrocos wouldn’t be good enough.

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Thanks Ranarh! :slight_smile: It sure was a fun piece to make and its also one of my favorites from what i made to the challenge.


Hey, that is a very solid drawing there, man ! The layout is good, carefully planned and wonderfully executed.
You’d only need to put some colours in there and BAM ! It could certainly be used for an animation project ! :thumbsup:


I probably wouldn’t even notice if we didn’t just have a weeks worth of hereditary bovine hoof problems/adjustments in college :p. You really did a good job on the rest of the horse :).
I like the new entry as well. The play on sand and gray shades is nice :).


Very nice marracos! :smiley: It looks like it would be a busy section for shops.


I’m glad you liked :slight_smile:

Lammakian, i’m also a bit lazy mainly when its about colors, but i’ll try to add more colors

LadyMedusa, its a part of the horse that normally gets in the grass so its that explored but i find equally important.

justcallmeinsane actually the photos i got were full of people, but in this case my objective was to get the environment so only made the objects and just one person to have a notion of scale. Thats why i had to use alot of imagination to think what would be behind the crowd that was in the street :slight_smile:


Great scenario artwork my friend!


Thank you my friend :slight_smile:

  • DrawCember Day 18 - “Claus the Barbarian and the Reindeers of the Apocalypse” this one i’m sad that i don’t have more time to finish because i was having fun with it. The reindeer was a challenge, tried to apply some of the anatomy of the horse but they’re a bit diferent, ehehe

#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #wacom #cgsociety

trying another composition… with a giant snowman


Ahahah great one! If you decide to add color it will be even better. i think the 1st one is better.


Agree with grafik, it would look better with colors :).
I’m not sure which is better though, I think they both look good.


Great sketch! I want somebody to make a movie about Claus the Barbarian!


Kind of God Of War Santa :slight_smile: First variant seem to be better, IMO


Great idea and great design.:slight_smile:
It would be nice in color.