POSEIdOON_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


The anatomy works well.:slight_smile:


your work is awesome keep it up.


Nice proportions, I do feel something strange on the head/breast from the one on the right side… not sure what.


Thanks guys! I’m glad you liked the anatomy, always fun to make female anatomy :smiley:

Yes Lammakian, this game is very much like “RUST”. I know why you laugh of the videos, you can edit the size of your “ding dong”. Ahaha

gfigueroa you’re probably refering to the collar bone… probably to much out her chest… also not sure…


That sounds like a challenge I’d probably try in a game haha. I did a short play of Ark Survival and the need to constantly harvest food etc was a rush!! You did good on the anatomy and I like the basic weapons :slight_smile:


I’m glad you liked it justcallmeinsane!
Ark is also the same type of game. Also like that rush to harvest everything and can be attacked any time, ehehe
The sword is the first weapon you make in the game (other then hatchet for wood and pick for stone)


POSEIdOON, i am so sorry!!! D-:
I don’t know where my head was :frowning:
I will try to delete it. I can’t see the option on my phone. I will log in from my computer and try.


Ahaha! No problem nataliel :slight_smile: I believe everyone understood you were tired and sometimes the connection doesn’t help.
Relax, its not a big deal :slight_smile:


Today was a very busy day so i had to make something quick…
tomorrow i hope i’ll recover and receive my computer from the repair shop because making this in a 15" screen makes me waste alot of time… :cry:

  • DrawCember Day 11 - “Monkey King portrait” one of the animations i love the most since i was born :slight_smile: Its stupid to say that i keep watching, ehehe

#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #wacom #cgsociety


Hey, that latest figure work is cool!


You’re mastering character design! Very nice work of Son Goku!


Ehehe! Thank you, i’m glad you guys liked.

Grafik, this one i’m not sure if it went that well because i didn’t have much time yesterday. But i decided to make it in my own style and not Akira Toryiama style… maybe later on i’ll work better on this… for now is just a drawing for day 11 :smiley:


I really like “Monkey King portrait”, simple but effective.:slight_smile:
I’m curious to see the next drawing.


Dragonball is a good practise for character design.
Dynamic kung fu poses~


Nice drawing! I love Anime and Manga! :slight_smile:


I like how you draw girls, the other days(that I miss). They are powerful, strong and have all great curves :smiley: Boys good too, but girls just WOOOA <3


Ahaha! Thank you all, you already made me laugh in a very stressed day.

dinodog-jr i do hope to make some kung-fu poses and some redesign before the challenge ends

hokutonakatany my girls need to be strong, if a girl can lift a car she needs to have muscles… unless its doctor strange, ehehe

STFVIT i’m going to continue in the portraits for now and focus more in the colors, its more simple and allows me to make some experiments…

Beatrix, im a big fan of all kind of comic books, from all type (manga, manhwa, european comics, america comics…) and like to collect them (and i love artbooks! ehehe). Animations also but i see less :slight_smile:

  • DrawCember Day 12 - “Cowgirl” i just made some lines that looked like that hat, so i made this cowgirl, ehehe. Trying some color experiments and textures that i don’t use often…

#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #wacom #cgsociety


I know it’s more time consuming, but you should do more with color!
Wonderful stuff man!


Thanks man!
The more we go to the end of the challenge i plan on going deeper in colors :slight_smile: (now i just want my pc back or i’ll have to kill someone, lol)


Cute red haired with freckles! :slight_smile: I really like the subtle textures in this one and shading feels like the hat is sitting on her head.
Nice work.