POSEIdOON_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Ahaha! I´m glad you guys are also having fun with this :slight_smile:

LadyMedusa i agree with you. I was trying to make him more skinny, but failed, the legs got thicker then i planned!

dinodog-jr for Tim Burton to like it would need to be darker, ehehe


How can he not wake up when its cold!! I always do. haha. He must be deep asleep.


To me sleepwalking is mystical… how can you walk asleep?! Lol

  • DrawCember Day 09 - “Insane Red” no more list, so time for some fantasy :slight_smile: i tried some kind of steampunk style little red riding hood
    (actually just that type of sword remotely shows some steampunk style!)

#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #wacom #cgsociety


Instantly think of her yelling war cries as she hits someone with that lol! I love her expression. It is perfect.


I finally got to check your sketchbook :open_mouth: Great sketches, POSEIdOON! Very solid collection of brushes.
How long does one sketch take you? Do you give yourself a specific amount of time every day?


She is definitely on the border of insane… she likes to smash people around! :slight_smile:


This little Red Riding Hood is not afraid of the wolf!
Very good.


OK. Day 6 - I want to see it in colors! Neon colors :slight_smile: Beer is dead is funny :slight_smile:


Thank you guys! I´m glad you like the “insane red” :slight_smile:
I don´t pay much atention to the time i take with this, i simply do them after dinner and can take one hour or several. I believe i´m slow, but i love to had details :slight_smile:
In the sketchs i use one brush only and for the inking another brush. The ones i made with color i believe it were the ones i did faster, also less details in thoses. Ehehe


This isone of your best works! The character design is great my friend!


Hard girl, nice drawing! :slight_smile: Do you will coloring it?


Can’t delete the post, so I will just edit it instead.
Love your work, POSEIdOON! Keep posting!


Love your work, POSEIdOON! Keep posting!


Uh oh, wrong thread, nataliel? :slight_smile: The forums have been a bit sluggish for me as well

WOW that red riding hood, POSEIdOON! Are you gonna do the wolf next?


Now i see Nataniel posted his work in my Thread! Lol. It happens when you get lag, ehehe

Thank you my friend :slight_smile: i’m glad you´re liking

Not sure if i can color it for this challenge, if we can grab an old post and make it in colors later on…

  • DrawCember Day 10 - This time i made a fan art/concept of a game i was playing (since i started this challenge i don’t have time to play! ehehe)
    I’m a big fan of open world games and sandbox, we start totally naked and we need to make our clothes, weapons and build our house/base.

#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #wacom #cgsociety


Nice red riding hood :).
What game we’re you playing? Sounds interesting


“Conan Exiles” is the name of the game :slight_smile:


Hahaha, I thought about the game “Rust” at first when you said that we start completely naked.
Have never played “Conan Exiles” but I remember laughing hard when I saw the first gameplay videos, with the naked characters XD Seems to be difficult game though.

I really like that female character. Really solid piece ! (The chest area is especially well done, it looks really convincing :))


Very cool female character my friend! you’re doing very nice characterdesigns!


Very well done man.