POSEIdOON_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


I really like your “Happy Suicidal Snowman”. Well done XD


Haha, nice one :smiley:
I like the fade-out effect


Thanks guys! I’m glad you liked.
My struggle was with the fire…


Cute snowman! He holds his hands like a Jedi. :slight_smile:


“Happy Suicidal Snowman”- Nice.:twisted:


Love the snowman and fire;)


Skating pic looks cool - feel a power in motion! Great work!
(And that snowman reminds me of a snowman in Frozen animation film and a little bit of a Marvin from Hitchhicker’s guide to the Galaxy. Nice!)


Hi Hugo,

I’m for the snowman. It even looks like the sky is warming up. We’ll have water soon.

I saw the link to the official rules.

Oops. I guess I didn’t realize picking a topic from the list was required. I just thought they were for inspiration.

I’ll need to get going on that.

Skater looks like Tron racecars.



I guess you don’t have to pick a topic from the list.

Those are for inspiration.

Draw a lot, share a lot, help a lot.



Eh! Eh! Eh! It’s too cold for him too.
Very good.


Thanks alot guys! I wasn’t very sure about the day 7 illustrations. I’m glad you liked :slight_smile:

I see that finally we have a final response from Wacom and we don’t need to use the list, its for inspiration purpose only :smiley:
Thank you Travis for clearing this out!


Hah! Happy suicidal snowman, that’s pretty funny and sad!!
really cute idea :smiley:


That snowman one is very good :slight_smile: love the colors you used


Thank you :smiley: I’m glad you liked!

I know that we no longer need to follow the list but i already did this when the final news came, so… here it is:

  • DrawCember Day 08 - based on the word “freezing” from the wacom list made “Sleepwalking on ice” i believe its a freezing situation, ehehe

#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #wacom #cgsociety


Ahah, man, your captions!) Roasted panties is my favorite by now)


Ahaha! Well, above all we must have fun :slight_smile:
Thanks man


Ahahah! Dude you making these so clean! Great work on the colors too!


Brr. Getting shivers just looking at it :p.
I think his knees look a little pointy, but other than that it looks really good :slight_smile:


loooool snowman at fireplace is really a great idea! :smiley:


Sleepwalker on the ice…

I hope TIm Burton see this and make into his next film~