POSEIdOON_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Exciting idea! I look forward your comic! :slight_smile:


Cool linework! Keep it up!)


Looking very storyboard-like. I should try some in this style.


Thanks guys!

  • DrawCember Day 03 - this is where i go out of my confort zone… never done much mechanics/vehicles but lets give it a try :slight_smile:
    (this was some concept i had in my mind for sometime, not sure if its something original or if i saw it somewhere…)

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Interesting concept! Is it a mix of futuristic and medieval styles?


Nice lines, how do you get off it? :wink: I noticed the ladder.


Don’t you just hate it when you don’t know if what you draw is just something you saw somewhere or if its an original idea? Either way it looks great :applause:


Beatrix, yes, i’m trying a mix of things as i’m thinking of a story in the future where civilization as we know it collapsed and rised again with the level of technology of almost medieval, with some exceptions of lost artifacts that still work from a more advanced civilization.

gfigueroa, i thought of that ladder and then a bigger one would slide below, but also thought of making a ladder in one of the “legs” of the vehicle… not sure yet :hmm:

LadyMedusa, it can be frustrating and i have this comic story for so long in my head that probably it has changed alot and influenced by alot of things i saw, ehehe. But most of my influences for this i think it is Mad Max and some medieval/fantasy Animes!


Very gooddesign my friend! I should make the comic, keep on!
Maybe if the legs are articulated, then the vehicle can just drop down to floor.


That seems a good idea! Like spider legs…


Today was a busy day so i almost wouldn’t upload this in time!

  • DrawCember Day 04 - “Beer is dead”

#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #wacom #cgsociety


Really digging your linework!!! :slight_smile: There’s a lot of character and great composition going on!


Thank you christytortland! I’m glad you’re liking it.
I was a bit lost with this one, not very happy with the clothes on her, maybe i’ll redesign it… but it was a fun drawing to make, ehehe


Haha!! Your latest drawing made me laugh for sure. I love her expression


Lol! Thanks justcallmeinsane.


Cool line works! :smiley:


ATENTION EVERYONE, for thoses not following the wacom list, we will probably be forced to make the list!
So far is something still not sure but we are adviced to make the list theme for now.

Thank you Kunniki for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoy it :slight_smile:

  • DrawCember Day 05 - “The Book of N.A.”
    #DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #wacom #cgsociety

…from now on my illustrations will take a turn to respect the wacom list…


Nice drawing and thanks for info!


Thanks Beatrix and you’re welcome!


Nice book, you want to read it. Very good.