POSEIdOON_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Very touching words dinodog-jr :slight_smile:
I’m glad i could help you the same way your words helped me. See more of your work in 2018 and wish you the best for you and your family also, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my friend!!!

Thank you all for your support :smiley:
(btw i’m going to finish this last image, but not today, today is to rest ehehe)


The last is nice work! I like your colors.
Congratulations for final effort!
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!:slight_smile:


Thank you Beatrix for this final words and also for all the support and inspirational work :slight_smile:

Today i put aside my lazyness and finished the last piece and made some experiments… before the year ends. Ehehe

  • DrawCember Day 22 Update- “Market” Final. From the previous image i added highlights, background with tents and people to give more the idea of a market, and tried the Lammakian effect.

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  • DrawCember Day 22 Update- “Market” with Lammakian effect :slight_smile:

From the moment Lammakian told us the effect he uses in his illustrations i wanted to try it…
Not sure if i made it like the master but i would like to know your opinion! :slight_smile:


Nice to see the final, and nice job sticking with it to the end too!


Hahaha, I’m not worthy… ^^
A lot of other posters deserve to be called “masters” more than I do ! Actually, I’d even say that you deserve it, bro !

Seeing you work with that much grit taught me to never give up. To work in order to constantly improve. It’s an ongoing and endless process and while you may think that I have figured “it” out, I genuinely believe that your work was much more inspiring than mine. A lot of smoke and mirrors in my stuff, if you will…

Now, about your use of my cheap trick ( :smiley: )… I’d say that you got it ! You even used it in a subtle way while I actually tend to overdo it (cause I like it dirty and messy).
Your work is clean and sharp and you found just the right amount of blur+noise so that it doesn’t “break” your image. Good stuff, mate ! :wink:

(but then again, I might be a little bit biased on this one. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I hope that you had a great time on new year’s eve and that 2018 will be awesome !


Thank you Smallpolly! I’m glad you liked it. A pleasure to be with you in this challenge, wish you the best for this New Year!

Lammakian i feel honored with your words! :bowdown: And i believe that like most of us, we try to be perfectionists, we put very hard critics in our works. In my opinion you are a master not just because you’re skilled but also because you are humble to the point you share with us your technic, even when you make great work you don’t get arrogant :slight_smile:

You’re like Tiago (grafik) that has great work but continues learning and shares what he learns with us. He was my teacher and i continue learning with him every time. To me you are both masters!

I hope this new year comes up with alot more challenging projects to all :buttrock: Happy New Year!!!


Didn’t catch this last update! The last details in the highlights and fx made it to be more for sure!
My friend to me you’re a master too! we can always learn from others, I also took this chance to learn from other people works.
Your determination and skills are at par with anyone, your work is very good, people have no idea the difficulty level you
have to draw, and still create amazing artworks.