POSEIdOON_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Ooooh ! Didn’t see day 19 ! It is totally awesome ! Great color, great textures, everything !
Congrats, mate !

Also, I love Day 20. I like her eyes. :cool:


Lammakian sure, she has some big eyes! Ehehe. But i made her face very male she seems a shemale. Lol

I have to be honest, this image wasn’t on my plans for the last pieces.
I was making a more complexed illustration with several characters but i noticed i would not sleep if i continue that! Lol

  • DrawCember Day 21 - “Rusty Blade in Shinny Handle!” sword concept for my probably future idea of a graphic novel!

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Great job on your last two works! I love seeing weapon design. It’s so intriguing to me to see how artists make a useable weapon (sometimes just in fantasy land haha).


cool design! eheh six fingers?


Come on Hugo, we are curious to see the last drawing.:slight_smile:


interesting design. there must be a race in your fictive world with 6 fingers :slight_smile:


Ahaha! To make a race with 6 fingers wouldn’t be a bad idea :wink: but that sword was just a funny mistake that i liked.

Not sure when is the final deadline so i’m going to post here my last entry and then i’ll update later with colors withing the next few hours.

  • DrawCember Day 22 - “Market” there is still much i want to add here mainly a background with silhouettes of people, but i guess i’m out of time for today…

#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #wacom #cgsociety


Congrats, man! Last sketches are really good!


Congrats my friend! I’m amazed how good you’ve became, real solid works!


Congratulations, man. It was an absolute pleasure to watch you work and progress through this challenge.
You’re constantly improving and it is absolutely inspiring.

Also, thank you for your support, it really helped :wink:

Merry Christmas !


Hugo, you held out. Still posting stuff. I know I had to keep up sometimes. Good job.


Very nice colors! I like that you added vases to the foreground and background.
Congrats on making it to the end!


Now i’ve updated with colors and not sure if i’ll continue this image… there was alot more i wanted to do and little time, but i am kinda of happy with it!

Thank you guys! It sure was a pleasure to be with you in this challenge, your words made this funny easy going and inspirational that helped me continue this till the end :smiley:
I’ll continue to follow your Works so don’t stop, the new year is coming and i’ll want to see more!

Merry Chrismas to you all and a Happy New Year!!!
(now i have time to go see your threads :))


I wanted to add alot more to the background like people and other tents, but not enough time :frowning:


Day 10 and 21 are my favorites, beautiful work!


Nice job man
.really nice work.


Alot of amazing effort & enjoy your diversity ideas in these daily artworks.

I can feel being a dad & still forked out a portion of times and strecthed every muscles in the brain & tired eyes to finish the painting is a tedious task for everyday.

I can’t say thank you enough for your encouraging words in my Drawcember. It gave me some invisible push from over thousand miles on the same planet Earth.
“FINISH it before sleep!~…haha!”

Your Suicidal SNowman will forever living in my heart. Merry Christmas & Happy NEw Year to your adorable kid & your family too~
Take care my friend~ See you around!


Congratulations on achieving it! Great job on the latest pieces! :slight_smile:


There were some pretty cool concepts and drawings in your thread, I enjoyed it very much. Thumbs up for seeing it through! Merry Christmas and happy drawing!


Congratulations Hugo you did it!
Beautiful the last picture.
Merry Christmas!:applause: