Portuguese Love Affair


I did this as a favor for a friend in a couple of hours…

Geometry: SILO
UV Mapping: SILO
Textures: Affinity Photo
Normals: CrazyBump
Render: Marmoset Toolbag

this is the place:
google maps


That’s really nice. Could you post the UV’s for this, too?


Well, as i mentioned it was a very quick job, so the UVs are shitty. The facade is taken directly from google maps, the rest are just tiling textures :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks great to me. Thank you for sharing. I wanted to see how you kept the texel density balanced. I should really use the Silo UV tools more but I’ve become spoiled with my current tools. :slight_smile:


I love the simplicity, Silo might lack lots of features, but thats what i like… i have to keep my thinking simple. The texture density… i eyeball things while scaling the UV up and down haha :smiley: