porsche 911 gt3 (absolute newbie!)


Hey all,

first of all, I’m an absolute newbie to modelling… been using maya for 2 months now. I wanted to model a car, and thought I might as well post my progress up here and get some tips from you all.

i tried following the nurbs tutorial for this car on another thread, but it was too difficult for me. modelling this using polys.

i would really appreciate suggestions on how to do stuff… how to improve stuff. it wouldnt help if you told me the model sucks… (cos i know it does!)

here’s my first screenshot. (and the reference image).

once i get the basic shape done, i’ll bevel the edges and smooth out the mesh. (i’m goin for a high poly model)



Nice start man, i m not familiar with maya, but still it is a good start,

I hope u r using the blueprints to model this car, it is bit too early for any crit, keep sending the pics,


wow… i couldnt find my post until now!!

anyway… i’ve made a lot of changes since the last one.

i’ve started on optimizing the pieces for smoothing… but thats really difficult (for me) will post some screenshots later.

can someone tell me how i do that cool global illumination render with maya? :smiley: i want my car to look cool too!

p.s. the tyres are just temporary… (i copied them off a previous low poly model)


i’ve started smoothing out parts of the car

heres what i have (these are screenshots… not renders)


Looking good so far, Handles are boss.



could you explain what u meant by ‘boss’? hehe… is it good or bad?

sorry! im new to this country :smiley:



two new screenshots… smoothed out some other parts… and joined the two halves (thats such a pain to do!)

gonna start on the rest of the stuff tomorrow… phew im tired!


hey dude i am also making my first car model in Maya :slight_smile: i have been working with the program for 5 months.
here is a link if you want to check it out :slight_smile:

What version of maya do you have? i am asking this because you are only able to do global illumination in Maya 5 with mental ray. (or 4.5 if you downloaded MR) if you have version 5 i will tell you how to do this. on the last page of my WIP thread are some HDRI renders i did recenlty.
The model looks good so far, keep working on it. I model my cars a different way. i still use polies but i don’t bevel to make the seams, i start out with a box and then split close to the edges to create hard seams. let me know what you think of mine so far? i can help you out on anything you need (well maybe not anything but ask any questions and i will see what i can do :slight_smile: ) good job so far again. Talk to you soon


hey dude…

yup i have maya 5 and mental ray… would be really cool to know how to do the global ilum thing. and hey… while youre at it, can you give me a bried explanation of HDRI… atleast the method you use.

i’ve looked through your thread before… really cool stuff… i love the renders too.

beveling edges is a pain!!! i was wondering if there was a simpler method.

your method seems cool… i just find it difficult to work with a box… lots more polys confuses poor ol me!

but thanks a lot! i’ll keep that in mind next time… seems a whole lot easier!



the first time i tried beveling i gave up and set out to find my own way :slight_smile:

here is a cool HDRI video tutorial (its free, but you need to sign up with the site):
HDRI Tutorial

I will make a turoial for the way i model tomorrow k :slight_smile: (btw i model my stuff peice by peice, i find you can refine the stuff way easier)

Thanks for the comments on my model and renders :slight_smile:


P.S. i noticed the front of you car is pointy from the mirror, just make sure the edges right before the mirror line are always straight, then you’ll be fine :slight_smile:


dude… u totally rock!

the tutorial is great! and i dint even need to sign up :D. waiting for ur tutorial too.

yea… i noticed the pointy edge after i had joined up the parts… and i was too lazy to fix it :smiley:

i dont really bevel stuff… cos that doesnt work too well for me…

i model the shape starting with a plane… and then using ‘split poly’, i create another set of edges very close to the corner edge. (i do this on both the faces of the corner)

this way, i can snap the edges of the two objects that have a seam inbetween, and when i smooth it out, the gap is even.

its extremely tiring… but i can get a lot of precision with that.

thanks man


nice work. Mesh is very clean and shape looks good.



Your model is going be fine. For a first model it is really fine! And for only a few months of experience it is very good so far!
I only see little incorrections on the model: the shape of the skirt and the front bumper is not the same as on the reference pic in the first post. But that’s really not much.
Damn, you model it really fast! I wish I could have so many spare time. I can only work an hour or less a day :frowning:

So, keep it up.



hey thanks :slight_smile:

i got a little confused with the reference pics that i had… there seem to be 2 different models. (you can tell by the lights and the spoiler) so, i got mixed up with the details.

can u suggest what i could do to make it look more like the car in the picture? (i tweaked a lot, but i couldnt get it right)

thanks dude… i appreciate ur comments :slight_smile:


Boss is good - old phrase from the 80’s.


k i am making the tutorial now :slight_smile:


arite… will be checking that out. is it gonna be on ur viper thread? or a new one?



i will prolly post it here and in the viper thread. is that alright?


thats cool man… thanks :slight_smile:


i am almost done the tut. i just need to do the flat grey GI in MR part. should be up really soon. i have a class now though.